Lincoln County Tennessee Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1518)Lincoln County Courts
Lincoln Circuit Court112 Main Avenue NorthFayettevilleTN37334931-433-2334
Lincoln County Courts
Lincoln Criminal Court112 Main Avenue SouthFayettevilleTN37334931-433-2334
Fayetteville City Court308 Market Street WestFayettevilleTN37334931-433-2262
Fayetteville Criminal Court112 Main Avenue SouthFayettevilleTN37334931-433-9989
Petersburg City Court120 Eastside SquarePetersburgTN37144931-659-9826
Lincoln County District Attorney Office
Bedford County District Attorney311 Market Street EastFayettevilleTN37334931-438-1906
Lincoln County Public Defender Office
Fayetteville Public Defender407 Pioneer StreetFayettevilleTN37334931-438-1919
Lincoln County DMVs
Lincoln County Clerk MV Services112 Main Avenue SouthFayettevilleTN37334931-433-2454
Fayetville DOS Driver License Station4110 Thornton Taylor ParkwayFayettevilleTN37334931-438-1915
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Lincoln County Court Records
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How to Search Court Records in Lincoln County Tennessee

The Lincoln County Clerk’s office is a good place to start searching for court records. This clerk’s office maintains all kinds of information related to court cases, including marriage licenses and probate records. You can also access free online resources related to court matters at the clerk’s office. Furthermore, they maintain records of land transactions in the county. Depending on the purpose of your search, you might even find your loved one’s arrest record.

If you want to get access to the court records for Lincoln County Tennessee, check with the clerk’s office. The clerk is an important representative of the county government. This office handles various issues related to court proceedings in the county. For instance, you can look up birth or death certificates. The clerk’s office also provides information about jury service and taxes. For the rest, you can visit the World Vital Records website to find more information.

Regardless of your needs, obtaining court records in Lincoln County is very simple. Simply visit the Tennessee State Bureau of Investigation website and enter your information. Once you have entered your name and location, you can obtain your information. If you want to look up the details of an individual, you can access their court records for free. You can even look up the court records for other counties as well. You can use the county’s directory to locate courthouses throughout the state.

In addition to court records, you can also get court records for other county in the area. Some counties in the state have a separate website for court proceedings, but Lincoln County has more resources than most. A quick search of the county’s criminal history may reveal the name of your family member. If you need to find out who was arrested in your town, you can access these information on the state’s site.

For instance, in Lincoln County, you can look up court records to find out your ancestry and family background. If you have a name, you can look up a mugshot, race, and other details. Using these resources, you will also find out if your relative has a criminal record. You can also search for an arrest in the county. And you can search for your kin’s name in the Tennessee vital records.

If you’re looking for a county court record in Lincoln County Tennessee, you’ll find many resources. Besides the local records, there are also many state databases and websites for probate documents. The main office of Lincoln County is located in the downtown of the county’s city. If you’re looking for the information about your family, you can search these websites to find out more about the court records of your ancestors.