Henry County Tennessee Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1470)Henry County Courts
Henry Circuit Court301 West Blythe StreetParisTN38242731-642-0461
Henry County Courts
Henry City Court1232 Pioneer RoadHenryTN38231731-243-4091
Henry Criminal Court301 West Blythe StreetParisTN38242731-642-0461
Paris City Court100 North Caldwell StreetParisTN38242731-641-1413
Paris Criminal Court301 West Blythe StreetParisTN38242731-642-0461
Puryear City Court110 South Sycamore StreetPuryearTN38251731-247-5362
Henry County DMVs
Henry County Clerk Express Services101 West Washington StreetParisTN38242731-642-2412
Henry County Clerk MV Services101 West Washington StreetParisTN38242731-642-2412
Paris DOS Driver License Station1120 Tyson AvenueParisTN38242731-641-8863
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Henry County Court Records
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Where to Find Court Records in Henry County Tennessee

If you are a resident of Henry County Tennessee and are looking for information regarding a specific matter, you have come to the right place. The website below provides access to all the public court records available in the Henry County area. This includes marriage licenses, payroll, military discharges, voter registrar and vital records. You can also access documents regarding mortgages, judgments, and liens. Using this service is easy and convenient, and will save you time by eliminating the need to travel.

If you need to find criminal or court records, you may need to know where to find them. Criminal and state district courts are located in Henry County, which has 1 court per 5,377 residents. This is the most common way to locate criminal and court records in Tennessee, as well as state and federal courts. These courts also serve as trial venues for various types of lawsuits, such as divorces and child custody cases. Furthermore, the state has a sex offender registry.

In addition to the court records, there are other resources available online. You can find information on Henry County property taxes, marriage licenses, and meeting agendas. You can also view a person’s aliases, birth date, sex, and other information. The website will allow you to view the court documents in Henry County. You can even find out if someone has filed for divorce in the past or whether they’re currently in jail.

The office of the Henry County Circuit Court clerk handles the county’s general sessions and juvenile court offices. In addition to managing the Henry County court offices, the clerks are responsible for all administrative matters, such as dockets and court records. The public may use this information to find out who they know or who has been in jail. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation provides the most up-to-date information on fugitives.

There are several types of court records in Henry County. There is a General Sessions Court, which handles civil cases involving under $24,999, and the Circuit Court – Criminal. The General Sessions Court hears civil cases that involve children, including theft and drug crimes, as well as criminal charges. The Juvenile Court hears appeals from the General Sessions and decides on the punishments. The General Sessions Court is the main venue for all other matters in the county.

There are two types of courts in the county. The General Sessions Court has jurisdiction over the Criminal Division. If you need to find the records of a corporation, you can do so by contacting the General Sessions court. If an individual is suing an estate, they need an attorney. If a corporation is involved, the General Sessions Court has jurisdiction over that as well. If you need to look up a marriage license, you must hire an attorney.