Bradley County Tennessee Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1292)Bradley County Courts
Bradley County Court155 North Ocoee StreetClevelandTN37311423-728-7214
Bradley County Courts
Bradley County Criminal Court1620 Johnson Boulevard SoutheastClevelandTN37311423-728-7081
Bradley Criminal Court2230 Blythe Avenue SoutheastClevelandTN37311423-728-7048
Charleston City Court301 Hiwassee Road NorthwestCharlestonTN37310423-336-1981
Cleveland City Court190 Church Street NortheastClevelandTN37311423-559-3309
Cleveland Criminal Court2230 Blythe Avenue SoutheastClevelandTN37311423-728-7056
Bradley County District Attorney Office
Bradley County District Attorney93 North Ocoee StreetClevelandTN37311423-472-2179
Bradley County Public Defender Office
Cleveland Public Defender53 Central Avenue NorthwestClevelandTN37311423-478-0348
Bradley County DMVs
Bradley County Clerk MV Services155 North Ocoee StreetClevelandTN37311423-728-7226
Cleveland DOS Driver License Station301 James Asbury Drive NorthwestClevelandTN37312423-478-0346
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Bradley County Court Records
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How to Search Court Records in Bradley County Tennessee

If you’re looking for criminal cases and criminal court records, you can use the public database in Bradley County Tennessee to find all the details. There are a variety of databases you can use to obtain this information. These databases include payroll, mortgages, property records, vital records, marriage licenses, and more. These directories also contain liens and military discharges. You can search these databases online for more information. The following sections list the most useful resources to locate these court records in Bradley County Tennessee.

The most important thing to do when searching court records in Bradley County Tennessee is to know what type of records are available. You can access criminal, family, and tax records by case number or individual name. You can also look up public criminal and juvenile records at the town and city halls in Bradley County. You can also perform searches by case number. These public databases are maintained by the state’s Department of Justice. In addition, you can find a person’s or company’s history by searching a particular court docket.

There are several sources for court records in Bradley County. The courts in Bradley County are federal, state, and municipal. You can also access public and municipal courts through these records. If you’re looking for a criminal case, you can use the public database to find all the information you need. To do a search, you can use the addresses and phone numbers listed below. You can also search public court records in a number of ways. There are free databases for federal and state public records, as well as self-help guides.

The Bradley County Clerk’s Office is the main source for public court records in Bradley County. They are responsible for the custody of delinquent property taxes, handling marriage and other legal disputes. You can also search for criminal and civil case records through the county clerk’s office. The district attorney’s office is the office that handles all the titling and notary services in Bradley County. You can view mugshots, court dockets, transcripts, and case summaries online from their website.

The county clerk’s office is the main source for criminal records in Bradley County. The court clerk is an elected official and is responsible for maintaining the minutes of the county commission. The court records in Bradley are public documents and can be easily accessed. This is a good place to look up a case in order to determine if you’ve been convicted of a crime in the county. They are an excellent source for criminal background checks, and the court clerk’s office has a vast range of public information.

Aside from public court records, the Register of Deeds is a good source for land records. It is a comprehensive database that includes census records, marriage licenses, and property transactions. For information on the current status of a particular case, a person can check up on a case by name or other criteria. The register of deeds has an inmate lookup feature, and can be accessed by name or by offender ID.