Marshall County South Dakota Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1377)Marshall County Court Records Offices
Marshall County District AttorneyPO Box 107BrittonSD57430605-448-2775
Marshall County Court Records Offices
Marshall County Treasurer's Office911 Vander Horck StreetBrittonSD57430605-448-2451
Britton Circuit Court911 Vander Horck StreetBrittonSD57430605-448-5213
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Marshall County Accident Reports
Marshall County Child Support Warrants
Marshall County Clerk of Court Website
Marshall County Court Records
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Court Records in Marshall County South Dakota

If you’re looking for information about a court case, you’ll find it in Marshall County court records. These public records contain information regarding the cases that were heard in the courts in the county. These records are important for tracing a person’s genealogy. The county has a few different types of courthouses. One of them is the Marshall District Court. This is the most common courthouse in the area, and it has a wide variety of records, including civil and criminal court dockets.

Marshall County court records are available for those who are interested in a specific case. These records may be located at a local, state, or federal court. If the courthouse has a computerized database, this information is made available online. These records are considered public records, so you can access them through the online catalog. The directories of these documents contain information about the defendant and the case. They may also contain transcripts and files.

The courts in Marshall County South Dakota are divided into several sections. For example, the judge oversees all proceedings in the county’s three divisions. The judges are elected by the citizens of the counties, and there are numerous different districts within the county. Each district court maintains its own calendar. For a case that has multiple parties, it can be searched by name. If you are trying to look for a specific case, you can use the search function on the website.

The court calendars in Marshall County South Dakota are updated hourly. The calendars are updated daily and can be used to find out who filed a case. The online court calendars are always updated, so you can be sure to check them regularly. You can also look for a person’s ancestor by searching a name. For instance, if you want to track the history of a particular place, you may look up the records of a particular person.

The county clerks in Marshall County South Dakota are responsible for recording the cases. These records are also vital for tracing a person’s genealogy. The county clerks’ office staff can assist you in finding the correct court. A clerk’s job is to be knowledgeable about the county’s laws. The assigned deputy can answer any questions you may have. They can also guide you to the right court for your case.

The court in Marshall County South Dakota is the official recordkeeper for all court documents. The county clerk’s database contains important data on a person’s life. For example, the Marshall Clerk of Court can provide you with information on people’s past and present. These records can be used to help you locate a past court case and to track the progress of a lawsuit. They can also find out the details of a case’s witnesses and the date of the last hearing.