Scott County Minnesota Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3000)Scott County Court Records Offices
Scott County Court200 4th Avenue WestShakopeeMN55379952-496-8200
Scott County Court Records Offices
Scott County District Attorney200 4th Avenue WestShakopeeMN55379952-496-8240
Jordan DVS Office210 1st Street EastJordanMN55352952-492-6330
Prior Lake DVS Office14125 Commerce Avenue NortheastPrior LakeMN55372952-447-8817
Shakopee DVS Office200 4th Avenue WestShakopeeMN55379952-496-8150
Scott County Court Records Databases
Scott County Accident Reports
Scott County Arrest Warrants
Scott County Child Support Warrants
Scott County Court Records
Scott County Criminal Records
Scott County District Court Records
Scott County Probate Records
Scott County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment
Scott County Traffic Operations Traffic Reports
Scott County Court Jury Duty Information
Scott County Jury Duty RequirementsConvicted Felons DisqualifiedYesMN
Scott County Jury Duty RequirementsEnglish RequiredYesMN
Scott County Jury Duty RequirementsResidency RequirementCounty Resident: 0 YearsMN
Scott County Jury Duty RequirementsMinimum Age18MN
Scott County Jury Duty RequirementsTime Since Prior Jury Service4 yearsMN

What Can You Find Out Using Court Records in Scott County Minnesota?

The Court Records in Scott County Minnesota are considered public information. Anyone can view and use this information to obtain necessary background information on a person, who is trying to get a loan, a job application, or just about any other type of legal proceeding. The Court Records in Scott County Minnesota are maintained by the courts for their records.

The information contained in the Court Records in Scott County Minnesota will reveal personal history of the person, who is being searched. These records will also reveal if a person has ever been convicted of a crime, and from which state or county they were arrested. Court Records will tell you what marriages a person has been married too. These pieces of information can be very revealing. If a person is looking for a job they may want to see if the person has ever been married before.

These pieces of information will also reveal the length of time that a person was married and the date of the marriage. It can even tell you where the person is living at the time of the marriage. The details are almost endless. They will also show where the person currently lives. The Court Records in Scott County Minnesota will also tell you if the person has ever been bankrupt. It can tell you about any traffic offenses that the person may have had while they were married and any minor children that the person now has.

Many times the Court Records in Scott County Minnesota will show the divorces and the result of them. If a couple had children they would have to go through a formal divorce process. Court Records would let you know the results of that divorce. The Court Records will also tell you if a person was ever tried as a criminal or civil case. This information could prove very beneficial to a person who wants to hire someone to work for them.

The Court Records in Scott County Minnesota can be used to check on the status of a person that has moved into the area and are in need of lodgings. A new neighbor may be an honest person, but they could run into some trouble down the road. It is always best to be safe than sorry. When you move into an area and you do not know the neighbors, checking the Court Records will help to keep you and your family safe. If there are any problems in the past, you will be able to find out about it, before it becomes too late.

There are many different types of searches that can be done when you go to Court Records in Scott County Minnesota. You can use the birth date, social security number, or date of marriage to find out the information. There are many other ways to get information as well. It depends on the information that you are wanting to obtain. Most of the information can be obtained for a fee, but there are some that are free.

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