Jasper County Indiana Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(292)Jasper County Courts
Jasper County Circuit Court115 West Washington StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-7766
Jasper County Courts
Jasper County Superior Court115 West Washington StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-4971
DeMotte Town Court112 Carnation Street SoutheastDe MotteIN46310219-987-5138
Jasper County District Attorney Office
Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney128 North Cullen StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-5321
Jasper County DMVs
DeMotte BMV License Agency516 South Halleck StreetDe MotteIN46310219-987-5141
Rensselaer BMV License Agency646 South College AvenueRensselaerIN47978219-866-3004
Jasper County Court Records Databases
Jasper County Arrest Warrants
Jasper County Child Support Warrants
Jasper County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment
Jasper County Court Jury Duty Information
Jasper County Jury Duty RequirementsConvicted Felons DisqualifiedYesIN
Jasper County Jury Duty RequirementsEnglish RequiredYesIN
Jasper County Jury Duty RequirementsResidency RequirementCounty Resident: 0 DaysIN
Jasper County Jury Duty RequirementsMinimum Age18IN
Jasper County Jury Duty RequirementsTime Since Prior Jury Service2 yearsIN

Where Can I Find Court Records in Jasper County Indiana?

If you are looking for some background information on a certain individual, you may need to check court records in Jasper County. If you are having problems with an employee or a person in your family, you can gain some useful information by checking the background of said people in this area. You will find many different public record services on the Internet, but most of them do not come close to what these sites can offer. These services will give you access to the entire contents of a person’s court records, including criminal and civil matters. In addition, you can also look up birth, death, marriage, divorces, adoptions, sex offenses, and a host of other information.

Court records can tell you a lot about a person. This is especially true if something seems fishy about them. For instance, if you are thinking of hiring someone to work for your company or at your job, you should make sure they haven’t got any previous complaints against them. This can give you peace of mind and ensure that the person isn’t going to harm your business in any way. You can also check these records to find out if your child’s teacher has had any complaints against them.

If you want to find out information about a specific person such as a business partner or a neighbour, you can get details from their court records as well. There are quite a few records which are kept in this area, including those of county courts, circuit courts, and state courts. It is really up to you which service you choose, and the amount of information that you get.

It is simple to use these services. All you have to do is search for a list of court records in Jasper County and you will get all the information that you need. To make things easier, you will be able to find websites that offer to keep a backup of all these records for you, or that provide detailed information. However you decide to go about finding information, it is a good idea to use all resources that are available to you. Sometimes just having a list is not enough, especially if you want to see more detailed information.

Court records are kept in many different locations around the world. The county that you live in might have a central court house where all court proceedings take place. Or, the local courthouse might have the records that you need. However, some counties do not have central courts and they must compile their records from whatever sources they have. In some cases you may be able to find the information that you need by using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. In most cases though, you will have to hire a private detective to visit each of the county courthouses to find the records that you want.

Court documents and records are important because they show all sorts of information about a person. If you are suspicious of someone, for example, you can find out their full court record and what sort of offenses they have been convicted of. You can also find out things like if they have had any traffic accidents or if they have been married. This information can help you learn more about people who you do not know very well. Another reason that you would want to find out someones background information is to protect your family. You never know who could be an ex convict or someone who has a criminal past.