Shoshone County Idaho Court Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(727)Shoshone County Court Records Offices
Shoshone County Assessor's Office700 Bank StreetWallaceID83873208-752-1201
Shoshone County Court Records Offices
Shoshone County Prosecuting Attorney700 Bank StreetWallaceID83873208-752-1106
Wallace District Court700 Bank StreetWallaceID83873208-752-1264
Wallace Driver's License Office717 Bank StreetWallaceID83873208-556-0654
Shoshone County Court Records Databases
Shoshone County Accident Reports
Shoshone County Child Support Warrants
Shoshone County Court Records
Shoshone County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment

How to Go About Doing a Court Records Search in Shoshone County Idaho

In order to access Shoshone County Idaho Court Records, you will first have to find the right court house that holds the data for those records. There are many courthouses in Idaho and it can be quite time consuming to try and locate the correct one for your information needs. Some of the better known courthouses are the District Court, Superior Court, and the Court of Appeal. They are just a few of the courthouses that also handle other types of cases, including divorce, property matters, and others. If you know any of these names, you can also start looking at Idaho Court Records.

When looking for Shoshone County Idaho Court Records, you can go directly to the Idaho State Archaeological and Historical Society. They maintain a large database that contains everything from birth records, death records, and genealogy to court records. All the information they have is free to use. They also offer a large amount of information, including background checks, which you can run on someone to see if there are any public records about them. This is an important step to take, especially if the person has been convicted of a crime.

Another place you can search for Shoshone County Idaho Court Records is through the Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare. The CHHS does not maintain a central database of the records, but rather they provide links to various sites. The links can be used to find out if the person is registered at the Disability Determination Services office, if there are public records regarding them, and so on. This is an important way of checking up on people. It can also help if you need to verify Social Security numbers or dates of births and deaths. The CHHS website also gives you helpful information if you need to get the status of someone who is in prison, such as their mailing address.

The courts in Idaho keep a record of all warrants that have been issued. You can run a court records search by looking for the person’s name in this record. You will find out their date of birth, any criminal convictions they have, and more. The only problem is that this information is considered public record, and is part of your search.

Of course you could pay to find these types of records, but there are some things you can do for free. If the person has moved within the past two years, you may be able to get their address. If the person was at one time in jail, their jail records can also be helpful. The only problem is that you often need to have the person’s social security number before you can do this.

Court records are a great way to go about verifying background information. Whether you are running a background check on a new nanny or someone new you know, you can use a public records search to help you find the information you need. Just be sure to use an online service that will give you up to date and accurate information.