Benewah County Idaho Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(443)Benewah County Court Records Offices
Benewah County Assessor's Office701 College AvenueSt. MariesID83861208-245-2821
Benewah County Court Records Offices
Benewah County Prosecuting Attorney701 College AvenueSt. MariesID83861208-245-2564
St. Maries Driver's License Office222 South 7th StreetSt. MariesID83861208-245-2555
St. Maries Magistrate Court701 College AvenueSt. MariesID83861208-245-3241
Benewah County Court Records Databases
Benewah County Accident Reports
Benewah County Child Support Warrants
Benewah County Court Records
Benewah County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment

How to Search Court Records in Idaho

The best way to find Court Records in Idaho is to conduct your own public records search. In order to find these records, you will need to know the full name of the person that you are looking up, as well as their birth date and any names associated with them such as a social security number or driver’s license number. If you do not know the full name of someone then you will have to use the initials of their full name. If you are searching for someone’s birth records then use only the first name and the social security number.

One way to find these records is through the Vital Records Office of the State of Idaho. They maintain a record of all marriages and births that occurred in Idaho from July 1st, 2021 to the current day. Births can be searched by name or initials of the mother and father. Using just one person’s information is often too much information to put together so they have compiled a central database that you can search by name or initials.

The other way to get these records is to visit the various court houses where the parties were born. Many courts house these records electronically and you can conduct an online search to see if there are any public records available for someone. Some of these websites allow you to search based on certain criteria such as the location of the birth, date of birth, location of death, occupation, place of birth and many more. You can also narrow your search down to specific counties such as Benewah. However, if you have very specific information about the person then it may be difficult to find it within this limited database.

It is also possible to conduct your own public records search using the various online public record providers. These websites require that you pay a fee because it costs money to maintain the websites and keep the databases up to date. Most of the records are actually free and are available to anyone who needs them for any lawful purpose. However, some information is restricted such as arrest warrants, inmate information, sex offender information and other types of public records. However, Benewah County Idaho has a website that offers access to over 250 million public records including some county-specific court records.

If you are interested in using one of these websites then it is best to find a provider that offers unlimited access and unlimited searches. This way you will only pay for the records that you use. The advantage of using one of these services is that you will be able to access national and international public records. In addition, some of these services will offer you background information about people such as employment records, divorce records and more. You can use these services to obtain a background check on any individual.

If you would like to do a public records search in Idaho, then it is highly suggested that you search for a public record information provider online. One of the best providers will allow you to search unlimited databases for a small fee. Once you have entered the person’s name that you are searching then you will be provided with information such as marriage/divorce records, criminal records and much more. If you would like additional information about a person such as birth/death records, you will be given access to that person’s address and contact details.