District of Columbia Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(486)District of Columbia Courts
D.C. Traffic Community Court500 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-879-1010
District of Columbia Courts
ERCC Community Court500 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-879-1010
Obama Supreme Court1 First Street NortheastWashingtonDC20543202-479-3000
Washington DC Superior Court500 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-879-1373
District of Columbia Attorney General
District Of Columbia Attorney General441 4th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-879-0152
District of Columbia Departments of Justice
Washington DC Department of Justice145 N Street NortheastWashingtonDC20002
Washington DC Department of Justice500 1st Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-615-6070
Washington DC Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20530202-514-3521
Washington DC Department of Justice633 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20004202-654-6679
Washington DC Department of Justice600 E Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20004202-305-2935
Washington DC Department of Justice450 5th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-220-5600
Washington DC Department of Justice1331 F Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20004202-514-8196
Washington DC Department of Justice1400 New York Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20005202-514-3473
District of Columbia District Attorney Office
District Of Columbia District Attorney555 4th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-252-7566
District of Columbia Public Defender Office
Washington Public Defender500 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-824-2830
District of Columbia Court Records Databases
District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Citations
District of Columbia Government Traffic Map
District of Columbia Court Jury Duty Information
District of Columbia Jury Duty RequirementsConvicted Felons DisqualifiedYesDC
District of Columbia Jury Duty RequirementsEnglish RequiredYesDC
District of Columbia Jury Duty RequirementsMinimum Age18DC
District of Columbia Jury Duty RequirementsTime Since Prior Jury Service2 yearsDC

Information From Court Records

Looking for information on Court Records in District of Colombia can be found on the Internet. This can be done by utilizing an Internet Search Engine like Google, yahoo or MSN. By entering the address of the record you want, the record will be given as a result. Information may be obtained regarding criminal records, marriage, divorce, birth and other related records. Court Records are maintained and updated in various categories like civil & criminal, property, immigration, ancestry, bankruptcy, driving and so on.

Once you get the details you wanted, you can then prepare your report personally or mail it to the concerned offices. Alternatively, if you want the information on any person, just enter his/her name and state. Within no time, you shall receive your desired information. The basic categories are provided below. Click on one if you want more information on the category.

Criminal Records This is the first category where you will get a lot of information about criminal activities that a person has been involved in. The crime is registered and the case history is listed along with all the arrests made in that particular case. It is also mentioned when the sentences was executed. Full particulars of crimes are stated, date and place of offense.

Birth Records and Marriage Records This category provides vital information regarding marriage and birth. If you are researching on someone who has been married and got divorced, the marriage record will prove to be very useful. Similarly if you are looking for information pertaining to marriage, you may visit the County Clerk’s Office to obtain certified copies. Marriage records are maintained in different categories like Public and private. Public records are usually free but private records may have some fees.

Driving Records This is the second category where you will get all the necessary information regarding driving offenses. There are different classifications under which these are divided. You can select the appropriate category depending on the nature of violation and offence. If you are looking for driving records of drivers below the age of 18 then it is mandatory that you get parental consent or the authority of a legal guardian.

Court Cases and Charges A person may not have any idea of the type of cases he may be involved in. This is where court records become very useful as they list the details of the case. Full particulars of charges are mentioned and all the dates are indicated. By getting this information you will be able to locate a person or a company whom you were charged with. People may hire detectives for their investigations but court records may provide the most reliable information.

How to Go About Conducting Court Records Search

If you are trying to do some research on any particular person or you would like to check out the antecedents of any person in the past, then court records are just the right place to start your search. Today, with the access to complete databases and easy search facilities, it has become very easy to find information on any person. You can find out about marriages, divorce, felonies, birth, marriage records, arrest records, etc. The information is available in two ways: one is through online search and the other is through print copies. Both these methods give the same information.

There are several reasons why one may require to search court records. Sometimes people need to know if a particular person is divorced or not. They may also be interested in knowing the antecedents of a person in the past. They may even be curious as regards a person’s social background. Whatever the reason, it is important to note that it is free, quick and simple to do such searches.

The first way of conducting such search is by simply going online and browsing the websites of the county where the person lives. This is the fastest method of searching for court records in Colombia. However, some website do charge a fee for such services.

The second way of conducting a search is through the use of a search engine. The results will be displayed in list format. Depending on your connection speed, you will be given a list of results. You can narrow down the list by eliminating the websites that offer information that is not required. This is the most convenient way of conducting a search as you do not have to physically travel to the local courthouse. The results are also given in a matter of seconds.

Once you have the list in your hand, you will have to do some researches in order to verify the details provided. It is highly advisable that you examine the background of the individual especially if he has been involved in any legal disputes or criminal activities. Furthermore, you should also verify the information provided regarding education and work experience. Most often these days, people tend to exaggerate their resumes. If the information provided is wrong, you might end up with a wrong person applying for a job.

There are various websites that allow you to conduct such searches online. These search sites are very useful in case you need to find information about someone who left your contact information. It is always better that you visit the official court records of the concerned district instead of relying on other sources.