Checkr Background Checks Review

Search For Public & Criminal Records

Conducting background checks shouldn’t be as difficult as it is these days.

We have access to more tools and technology to connect us to important background details than ever before, and security and privacy laws make sure that this kind of information is only ever shared with the right people – folks that have been approved.

Even still, running a background check on new employees, potential renters and tenants, or anyone else you’d like to learn a little bit more about can be a real hassle.

Unless of course, you’re moving forward with the Checkr Background Check platform.

One of the most impressive systems available today for running deep background checks quickly and painlessly, Checkr has helped to set the industry standard for how straightforward, simple, and elegant this kind of process can be. 

Sure, there are some things that folks are crazy about when it comes to the way that Checkr works – and we dig a little deeper into those issues in a moment – but all in all, this is a rock-solid platform you’ll want to take a closer look at.

A Deep Dive Into Checkr Background Checks


Unlike a lot of traditional background check services on the market today, Checkr takes a much more “human” approach to collect background information on the people that you want to learn more about.

The process is much more transparent, much more comprehensive, and much more complete than what you are likely to find with other platforms.

On top of that, the system still maintains full compliance with FCRA governmental requirements for background check platforms – all while enjoying a slick, easy use, and effortless to navigate user interface.

When you get right down to it, this is the kind of background check tool that most people dream of when they have to run someone’s record. 

The company (launched in 2014 and still headquartered out of San Francisco) has been able to seamlessly mesh real “startup DNA” with a very in-demand service.

Prior to Checkr exploding on the scene, the overwhelming majority of background check tools out there were about as pleasant to use as visiting the DMV. 

The interfaces were clunky, the information retrieved was unorganized, and everything about going through the background check system was arduous and stressful. This turned a lot of people off, allowed for incomplete records to be used, and generally gave the whole background check business a bit of a “black eye”.

Today, though, thanks to these powerhouse tools that utilize custom and proprietary APIs to hook into different background check platforms, you’re able to get a much more complete background report – and you’re able to get it faster, too. 

The system is so beloved, in fact, that it’s taken advantage of by companies like Uber (a company that runs more than a million background checks every year). 

Who’s This For?


Anyone that needs to run a background check can take full advantage of all that Checkr has to offer, but the platform was really designed and developed from the ground up for companies hiring new employees that need to do this kind of check before bringing people on board.

Startups throughout the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are really crazy about all that Checkr has to offer. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to most, considering the fact that this company is itself a startup – and really has that kind of DNA running through the entirety of its platform. 

Don’t think that you have to be running a startup or technology company to make the most of all that this solution provides, though.

Small businesses that need to run background checks sporadically, medium-sized businesses that need to run background checks more regularly, and larger organizations that need to be able to run multiple background checks a day – sometimes hundreds if not thousands of background checks a week – are all going to be able to use these tools. 

The beauty of the Checkr platform is that it is truly scalable. The system has been designed to handle almost foolishly high levels of data volume without stressing or breaking. 

If you’re in business and need to run background checks in any capacity whatsoever, this is the tool for you!

What We Like About Checkr Background Checks 

There’s a lot to like when it comes to the Checkr platform, but the first thing that jumps out has to be the cleanliness and organization of the user interface itself.

The UI is super clean, very minimalist, and modern without looking too “sterile”.

It’s obvious that the developers took a lot of time to consider what kind of information needs to be presented at each level. They’ve also come up with a navigation system that feels really intuitive and never overwhelming.

All of the information you need is available at your fingertips – and at a glance.

You definitely won’t have to fight to find the data that you are after.

The depth of the background checks available through this platform is also pretty remarkable.

Thanks to the proprietary API hooks that connected to a variety of different background information sources (including the Fair Credit Reporting Act database, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners database, and the Background Screening Credentialing Council database – and so many more) you’ll be able to dig up a lot more” than you might think at first.

The inclusion of a proprietary “Positive Education Matrix” that analyzes all the information gobbled up by those API hooks to give you a risk analysis and quick background assessment of each individual search is another neat little feature. 

At the end of the day, if there was an ideal standard for how all background checks are handled Checkr would set the bar very high! 

What We Don’t Like About Checkr Background Checks 

Because of the multitude of API hooks that this background tool looks into their are going to be sometimes where background reports take a little bit longer to generate.

Most of the time, though, this delay isn’t even going to be noticeable – and it certainly isn’t going to be tremendously slower than any of the competing options out there right now.

Other than that, though, there isn’t a whole lot to be displeased with when it comes to the Checkr set up.

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  • Super slick, clean, easy to use interface
  • Works with all your favorite internet enabled devices, including mobile devices
  • Proprietary API hooks tie into numerous background info databases
  • Proprietary data matrix gives you “at a glance” information about each individual search
  • Reporting is really easy to analyze on your own (and comprehensive)


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  • Sometimes the system is a little slower than other options (but not by much)
  • The price point might be a little stiff for small businesses running background checks only very sporadically



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What’s Included? 

Unlike some of the other background check solutions available on the market today, you don’t have to pay different prices for multiple tiers of service when you sign up with Checkr.

No, instead you get everything – EVERYTHING – that Checkr offers at one low price point, with only one single tier of service.

Everything that this platform offers is included with this plan, keeping things really simple, really straightforward, and really easy for your HR employees to navigate. 

You won’t ever have to worry about folks feeling like they are in over their heads when they are using these tools. 

Overview of Checkr Background Check Features 


  • Federal and state criminal record checks
  • Civil record checks
  • Sex offender registry checks
  • Global watchlist checks
  • Complete information about their driving record
  • Credit check
  • Information about education and employment records
  • Past address information
  • Social Security number verification

Checkr Background Check Review Summary 

When you get right down to it, there aren’t too terribly many other background check services out there as complete – or as easy to use – as Checkr is. 

Sure, there are some services out there that are almost as complete.

And there are even some solutions out there that are pretty simple and straightforward to use. 

None of them, however, are as complete or as easy to use as Checkr – making this background check tool the “real deal” and the complete package.

If you need to run background checks to effectively run your business, to safely rent out your properties, or just to that and verify people before you get into arrangements for relationships with them, Checkr belongs at the top of your list for background check tools.

Everything about it feels modern, is easy to use and navigate, and the information you gather is going to be produced and streamlined and easy to digest reports.

Combine all of that with the simple fact that Checkr is constantly and frequently updated with new tools, features, and the ability to access all kinds of new background info databases and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to go with any other platform out there.

Now, if you really need to navigate the often-times confusing and frustrating world of background checks on a regular basis you’re going to want to go with Checkr for sure.