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When we set out to protect our valuable data and software on our computers, we turn to aids such as strong passwords and the latest antivirus software along with firewalls and security centers. But when we want to protect our real and tangible goods such as home content and personal belongings, we have to turn to security measures we can trust.

Using standard alarm systems are great, when you leave your home, because you can’t use it while you’re still inside. If you need eyes on your premises monitoring what’s going on inside without it tripping alarms, then a wireless security camera system is the perfect solution.

We take a look at some of the best wireless security camera systems that all operate on a motion detection basis, so they automatically start recording once they sense movement, and they all have night vision, which is great for the after dark hour surveillance purposes.

All of the systems we mention here are also able to record footage to a hard drive so that you can easily archive your security footage.

Here is our selection of the Best Wireless Security Camera Systems:

1. Logitech Alert


The Logitech system relies on LAN and utilizes Home Plug Power line Networking (Ethernet over your already existing AC power lines). It stores the recorded footage on the camera itself and can back it up to a host PC if you have one available.

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2. Swann DVR-4 2600


This Wireless Security Camera System also relies on LAN for operating and has its very own digital video recorder, which ensures you don’t need a host PC in order to back up your footage. What’s great is the fact that the DVR delivers power to each camera so you don’t have to worry about not having AC outlets close by to the cameras you want to install.

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3. Netgear VueZone


With the help of the Netgear system and its night vision add on, the VueZone you’ll be able to easily see in the dark with great night vision footage. You can use the Netgear with your connected devices such as a P, smartphone or tablet and easily see what’s going on in your home. What’s great is the fact that you can watch the video stream on any iOS or Android device and have up to 15 zones for monitoring.

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4. Belkin NetCam


With Belkin’s NetCam you get 720p HD resolution footage and the ability for the system to connect directly to a Wi-Fi router without the need for a computer. It also provides you with crystal clear audio and the fact that it has such a wide recording angle means you’ll have full view of the area you’re recording.

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5. Samsung SmartCam

Samsung’s SmartCam is really SMART due to the fact that it can still provide you with great footage in pitch dark environments due to its infrared LED’s. The system is very easy to setup and literally only requires the push of a button to start working.

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6. Foscam F19821W


This little wireless camera offers you 720p HD resolution footage that is crystal clear and is supported on the Web interface which makes it super compatible with any standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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In a world where we live and breathe technology and D.Y.I instructions are everywhere to be found, it has never been easier to quickly setup a wireless security camera system, and not to mention the fact that new models come out with such user friendly settings. They all tend to be very affordable, super easy to install and prove to really go a far way in helping you monitor what goes on in your home and office when you aren’t there.

While some of them aren’t there yet, most of these cameras are also compatible with your smartphone or tablet which just makes using them that much easier. You can now literally take your footages along with you wherever you go. It’s a means of ensuring the safety of your home or office while you’re away and definitely something worth investing in.


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