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Service name: Been Verified

Services offered:

BeenVerified offers background check reports that include personal information (e.g., phone numbers, addresses), property and criminal records, relative/associate information, an AlertMe service (which checks for changes in records and sends monthly alerts) and miscellaneous information like reverse telephone and reverse email records based on social media profiles.

Service stared:

BeenVerified was founded in 2008 and is based in New York.


There are one, three and six month membership plans that cost $22.86, $14.86 and $9.83 per month, respectively. There is also a 5-day trial membership available for $1

Rating: 80 out of 100.

Recommended? Yes

What does BeenVerified offer?

BeenVerified is a public records research service that provides a person’s current and past contact information, relatives/associates, criminal court records, bankruptcies, liens and judgments, properties and social media profiles.

The service provides unlimited searches on contact information, phone numbers, properties/addresses, emails and criminal court records. BeenVerified also allows up to 10 bankruptcy, judgment and lien searches per month.

For an added fee, you can use BeenVerified’s live court runners, which enable you to access real-time criminal records from county courts.

BeenVerified offers optional downloadable apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

When you first go to the site, you are asked to enter the full name and state of the person being searched. After going through this step, BeenVerified conducts a search on that person and notifies you what information it is accessing.



The site then displays the most likely candidates you were searching on, their respective ages, and their cities and states of residence. After picking your most likely candidate, you are asked to select a paid membership.


For the purposes of this review, I selected the monthly membership plan priced at $22.86.

After I completed my purchase, I was directed to the following screen based on my previous search:


The BeenVerified members’ screen includes a good variety of researched information including personal information, possible relatives/associates, criminal and bankruptcy records, court liens and judgments, social media profiles, and property information. If you aren’t sure what kind of information you’re looking at, the categories shown in the left hand table of contents expand to provide more detailed descriptions.

When you search on the individually listed pieces of information, your results are returned to you in a matter of milliseconds. You can also access the court records of the person you’re researching; however, keep in mind that you only get 10 such searches each month.

How easy is it to use BeenVerified?

BeenVerified offers an intuitive and fast interface that can be easily used as long as you have the full name and state information available for the person you are searching. Once those two pieces of information are input, the program takes a few seconds to provide you with possible matches.

Incidentally, you can also perform a nationwide search on a person if you exclude the state information.

Once you select the best possible candidate, BeenVerified populates your screen with that person’s information including full names, aliases, relatives, etc. You can easily click between different categories in the table of contents area. When you do, you receive an information-filled table such as this one:


The only issue I discovered when using BeenVerified is when the person lived in two or more states or had additional names due to marriage. In these cases, it was important to search on the individual for each state of residence in order to obtain all pertinent information.

Regarding individuals with different last names, I had to try several known last names to obtain all information, and especially all the court case information. Also, inputting a middle initial made little to no difference when searching on a person, and in some cases even made the search results come up empty.

When you search for someone’s social media records via BeenVerified, you typically obtain some, though not all, of the available social information. Also, in some cases, BeenVerified will ask you to input the searched person’s email in order to locate social records.


This is useful if you happen to have the person’s email address; however, if you don’t have an email address to input, you’re stuck with no social profile information.

Incidentally, BeenVerified saves all your searches in its ‘Recent Reports’ area in the Accounts section. This means you don’t have to repeat your searches on the same individuals.

How accurate is BeenVerified?

I found BeenVerified to be far more accurate with its search results than the majority of other search services. For example, while searching my own records, I found all but one of my current addresses. I also found all but one of my phone numbers listed.

After looking through all my listed email addresses, it occurred to me that BeenVerified is very good at finding and cataloguing old information, some of which is derived from as early as 1995. However, the search service didn’t list my latest address because I had just moved there six months ago. So, the service wasn’t too accurate when investigating recent changes in a person’s history.

To make up for this lack, BeenVerified encourages you to set up an AlertME on an individual of interest. The AlertME service will then send you email updates once a month on those individuals and alert you if there have been any changes to their profiles. Here is BeenVerified’s description of what the AlertME service offers:

Every month we will run an update just for you that will search billions of public records that have changed from the month prior. If we find things like criminal records, bankruptcies, property values, social web updates that have changed we’ll send you an instant alert. We’ll also make sure to send you an email that everything is all clear. Your monthly updates will be delivered right to your inbox!

One of the features I really appreciated about BeenVerified was how it delved into property and court/bankruptcy records. Regarding the property records, I was able to draw up in-depth property ownership, sale and tax information based on assessor reports. Court and bankruptcy records were limited to 10/month but provided detailed reports on court judgments and fines paid.

How is BeenVerified’s pricing?

BeenVerified is reasonably priced and gives you a significant price break at the six month membership level. Also, aside from the Court Runner service, there aren’t any additional charges for court and/or bankruptcy records (assuming you don’t exceed 10 reports/month). I found this rather refreshing compared with other search services that try to nickel-and-dime you at every turn.

If you do choose to use the Court Runner service, it’s an additional $19.95, plus any fees associated with having the courthouse pull those records. At this time, BeenVerified provides Court Runner service only to county criminal courts.


BeenVerified also offers occasional trial memberships, and these offers are activated when you try to leave the website. In my case, I received notice that I could have had a 5-day trial membership for just $1, which I wished I’d known about before signing up to the full month membership.


How easy is it to cancel BeenVerified?

You can cancel your BeenVerified membership by going to the support area of the website, then the BeenVerified Support Community and FAQs link. Here, you learn that you must either call or email the customer service department to cancel your membership. It’s also useful to have your nine digit member ID, which can be found in the upper right hand area of your member screen or in your welcome email from BeenVerified.

I was hoping to switch from the monthly membership I’d just purchased to the five day trial. I called customer service and, after inputting my nine digit member ID, was directed to an agent who introduced himself as Richard. I first inquired about getting the five day membership and heard Richard’s reply about how this deal was available simply by doing a Google search on BeenVerified. He gave me this answer even before I could finish my original question about switching my current membership.

I then answered that I already had a monthly membership. I also thought this information would’ve been obvious to him since I had to input my member ID and denote that I was already an account holder in the phone tree before I reached him.

Richard noted that I couldn’t obtain the five day trial offer now that I was a member. I asked about cancelling my monthly service and just becoming a trial member, and Richard said I could do that- but I’d be assessed the monthly fee anyway. I asked about obtaining a refund, since I had just signed up to the monthly membership about an hour before my phone call. Richard relented and said I would be credited a partial one-time courtesy refund of $9.95.

A $9.95 partial refund beat no refund, so I agreed to at least getting that credit. I was then provided with a cancellation number. Within minutes of my phone call, I also received the following email:

This is an automated response confirming the cancelation of your BeenVerified subscription. We’re sorry to see you go, however your subscription was canceled as of 09/14/2015 at 07:20PM. Rest assured you will not be billed by BeenVerified from this point forward. Additionally, a refund has been posted to your card on file for the amount of $9.95. The refund was processed immediately but depending on your bank may take a few days to be received.

Please note all reports will still be saved in your account for future access. However, you will NOT receive any monitoring alerts or updates. You can log in at anytime to view your previous reports, or to reactivate your subscription and regain access to unlimited reports and the AlertME feature. If you need assistance, please feel free to call customer support at 1-888-579-5910.

Would I recommend BeenVerified?

Overall, BeenVerified is a fairly simple and easy-to-use background search service that provides a lot of good historical data on the person being searched. The service would be an excellent choice for a single person who wished to verify blind dates, for example.

BeenVerified does lack data when it comes to finding out more recent address or phone number information, however. Fortunately, you can eventually obtain more recent information on searched individuals by signing up to its AlertME service.

BeenVerified’s price structure is fair- there aren’t any up-sells or cross-sells thrown at you. I only wish that the 5-day trial offer had been better advertised on the site; I would’ve saved about $11 for trying out this service. 



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