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You met someone and they seem perfect. Whether it’s for employment purposes or even a love interest, sometimes you just have a suspicion that he or she might be hiding something.

So you turn to the old favorite, background check. You run through the whole process and with the results in hand you start to wonder… will that person know that you did a background check on him or her.

Some might choose to avoid the background checking process altogether to eliminate the risk of the other person finding out that they were the subject of a background check.

If it’s a potential love interest it can be plain embarrassing to have your partner find out you did a background check on them without just asking straight forward questions to get the answers.

When you google “background check” most results will come up stating they are completely free and anonymous, but inreality things look a little different. If you sign up at a background checking service provider you’ll have to fill in all your personal details and they will keep track of every search that you ran.

Using A Third Party

When companies conduct background searches on prospective employees they have to get consent from the applicant in order to run a credit background report on them, which from the word go obviously means that it’s not anonymous. Using information that you obtained from a background check service without the consent of the person in question is unlawful.

If you are able to search for someone’s background details on a website where your details can be tracked and the type of information you got is stored, it comes to reason that someone can do exactly the same on you. There are companies that offer services where people can see who has been requesting background checks on them.

When you sign the privacy policy, most service providers tell you that they are not allowed to keep any information hidden from ruling authorities. This means that even if you run an “anonymous” report on someone they might still find out. They won’t get notified that you have requested a report on them, so in this case ignorance is bliss.

They can however request a report that shows everyone that has ever enquired about them.

In a world of technology being so far advance, I’d say that nothing really stays a secret anymore. If you used an electronic device to get the info, you should know that it’s traceable.

Do It Yourself?

The only true way that background checks can really be and stay anonymous is if you actually sit down and sift through the public records, which might be free, but there’s a lot of irrelevant information that you will have to work through and the records aren’t always updated, not to mention the fact that public records are listed in counties and if you don’t know where to begin you’ll have a tough time trying to figure it out.

In conclusion, using tools such as Google and Facebook where you don’t need to submit any of your own information in order to gain access to other people’s personal details, quickly scanning their profiles will stay completely anonymous, but if you’re using a service, keep in mind that it can be traced back.



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