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So you have met someone new and their story seems solid and they as a person seem perfect down to the T, but now you need to get down to business and make sure that what and who that person says e or she is, is the real story, and that there aren’t any  skeletons hidden in their closet.

A basic background check that can be done quickly and effectively online is your best friend right now. It allows you to have a closer look at a person’s history. Here are a few things you could expect to find from the results of a background check.

If you’re a consumer you might find valuable verification on that new nanny you are considering to hire, or even that physician that you trust your life with. Likewise, businesses might use these types of reports to ensure that prospective employees do not have any criminal records, or worse, financial fraud history.

Everything from convicted felony reports, commercial records and financial records can be compiled on individuals and all this information put together can help you make an informative choice about entering into any sort of relationship.

Getting A Check Done

There are some basic free tests that you can run on individuals online but these will limit you to only certain reports. If you really want to do your research well and be sure of the accuracy of the information, you really want to use sites such as www.intelius.com , www.lexisnexis.com and www.backgroundchecks.com that are guaranteed to compile the most accurate and detailed reports.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the things that are included:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Criminal Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Birth/Death Records
  • Family/Next Of Kin
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Bankruptcies, Liens And Judgments
  • Business Ownership

Costs Of A Check

Now let’s get down to what it will cost you. A basic background check goes at around roughly $24 and that will supply you with information on criminal conviction charges, offender registry checks and their security source reports such as terrorist watch lists.

More detailed reports that include financial history and address history will go at roughly $30. For businesses there are numerous packages available that will allow you to add new members to your database and this list can be checked yearly at discounted rates.

Get Instant Answers

Whether you want to know if that person has a history of traffic offenses and felonies, has been married before or you just want to make sure he really is who he portrays to be, a background check is your most cost effective and efficient way of sourcing the truth.

Modern day technology has really made it possible for us to find what would otherwise remain hidden from us. So if you are thinking about hiring a new employee or want to know a little more about a prospective new lover, a little digging is sure to get you all the information you could ever need to help you make the most informed decision regarding what that person’s future actions might look like.

The truth might hurt, but knowing what you are getting yourself into before the actual “deal goes down” will keep you protected from con artists lurking out there.

Take A Check Now

Use our tool below to perform a background check in minutes.


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