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internet-dating-scamsTechnology and the internet are wonderful aids that brought us the magical world of online dating. There are tens of thousands of people than can deliver great testimonials and have had the best experiences online and even found their soul-mates with the help of online dating sites.

But sadly, there are equal amounts of people who can tell you horror stories of online relationships gone very wrong and money that was stolen. It’s real and it exists.

These days there are more online dating scams dong the rounds than actual couples coming together. Let’s have a little look at ways that you can protect yourself from falling victim to the hands of an online con artists.

Does Their Profile Look Legit?

There has to be a little “soul” into his or her profile and also in the way he or she talks to you. Beware of messages that can easily be copied and pasted and then sent to numerous people by merely changing a name each time. This is also true for the person’s profile picture, if it looks too good to be true, it almost always is.

You can also use TinEye to do a reverse image search and find out if it’s a stock photo or not.

It’s always important to perform your own background check on your person of interest. Sorry but if Google doesn’t know about him, he probably doesn’t exist. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all tools that can help you find out more about this person.

No you are not a serial stalker; you are simply protecting your life and your heart here, so by all means, dig around a little.

Be Overly Cautious

Listen and really look at what it is that they are saying, about themselves and to you. We are all human beings, and yes sometimes we tend to fall in love way too fast and too hard, but anyone claiming that they love you and desire you at the end of one day’s worth of chatting, should send red flags shooting up in your mind.

That being said, anyone who asks you for money on an online dating site is definitely up to no good, you need to back out of there as soon as possible.

Lastly, it’s always better to use a widely used and reputable dating site compared to those where you can sign up for free. Not only are your chances of meeting a genuinely good-hearted person there much better, but con artists won’t likely sign up and pay for something that they could be doing for free somewhere else.

Always remember to never give out your personal data to anyone who you don’t know and honestly trust, and when in doubt you can always call on a family member or friend to come and help you decide on the better option.

Online dating can open up a whole new world of love and meeting new people and if you arm yourself with the basic know-how and know-what-not-to information, you could possibly end up having a blast of a time without being exploited or taken for granted by the lurking eyes of online predators.



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