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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(840)Dunn County Police Departments
Boyceville Police Department903 Main StreetBoycevilleWI54725715-643-2215
Dunn County Police Departments
Colfax Police Department613 Main StreetColfaxWI54730715-962-3136
Elk Mound Police DepartmentE202 East Menomonie StreetElk MoundWI54739715-879-4411
Elk Mound Police Department202 East Menomonie StreetElk MoundWI54739715-879-4411
Menomonie Police Department615 Stokke ParkwayMenomonieWI54751715-232-1283
Sand Creek ConstableCounty Road INew AuburnWI54757715-658-1795
Stout Police Department - University Of Wisconsin817 Broadway Street SouthMenomonieWI54751715-232-2222
Wheeler Police Department105 Tower Road WestWheelerWI54772715-632-2449
Dunn County Sheriff Department
Dunn County Sheriffs Department / Dunn County Jail615 Stokke ParkwayMenomonieWI54751715-232-1348
Dunn County Probation Department
Dunn County Probation DepartmentTechnology Drive EastMenomonieWI54751715-232-1159
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What Are the Basics of Getting a Warrants Check?

Warrant Records in Dunn County, Wisconsin are basically the records that contain the criminal history of an individual. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you will most likely have notice of this because it is on paper. It is important to remember that a warrant can be issued for any crime, and that means that the person arrested may not be charged with the crime, or perhaps even be released. There are several things that are covered by these documents. These records may show that a person has been tried as a defendant in a criminal case, or they may indicate a pending motion or investigation.

Warrant records in Dunn County, Wisconsin generally contain the name of the accused, their address, the crime that they are being accused of, and their bail amount if they have one. This information is used by various law enforcement agencies, including the Wisconsin State Patrol, to locate a person wanted on a warrant of arrest. In cases where a person is stopped on suspicion of being involved in a crime, and they do not have the proper identification to prove their identity, a warrant may be issued based on the officers’ opinion of that person’s physical appearance. While there are strict rules and procedures in place regarding the issuance of warrants, it is possible for someone who is accused of a crime not to have one issued, and thus not have a record.

Warrant records in Wisconsin are available to the public and are searched by various government agencies. If a person is suspected of any type of criminal activity, regardless of whether they actually commit the crime or not, they are required to get a copy of their criminal record before they are allowed to obtain a copy of their public records. In other words, if you are arrested for suspicion of a crime, then you will need to get a warrant signed by a judge.

Many times when a person is applying for employment in a new position or applying for another type of position within a company, they are asked to provide proof of their identity. A lot of employers now use a person’s records, called a background check, to make sure they are qualified for the job. Additionally, these companies use warrant records to see if there are any outstanding warrants out for their employee’s arrest. They can also check to see if a person has ever been divorced or if they have ever been involved in any kind of abuse.

There are different types of warrant that exist in Wisconsin. A default warrant is one that does not specify which crime the person is accused of committing. A citation warrant is one that indicates the crime that someone is being accused of even though they haven’t been charged with it. A arrest warrant is one that gives police the right to arrest that person for the crime at the very least. In some cases, these records are available on a state-by-state basis.

By getting a search done through one of these websites, you will be able to see if there are any public records about the person you are looking at. It can be very helpful to look into this kind of background information before hiring someone to work around your home or as part of a team. This can protect you and your family. Warrant records can also be very useful in stopping a bad neighbor from going on your property or possibly stopping a person you think may be planning something in your neighborhood.