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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(817)Burnett County Police Departments
Department Of Natural Resources - Webster Ranger Station26387 Lakeland Avenue SouthWebsterWI54893715-866-8201
Burnett County Police Departments
Grantsburg Police Department316 South Brad StreetGrantsburgWI54840715-463-2405
Siren Police Department24049 1st AvenueSirenWI54872715-349-7181
Webb Lake Police Department31000 Namekagon RoadDanburyWI54830715-259-7139
Webster Police Department7505 Main Street WestWebsterWI54893715-866-4211
Burnett County Sheriff Departments
Burnett County Sheriff / Burnett County Jail7410 County Road KSirenWI54872715-349-2121
Burnett County Sheriff's Office7410 County Highway BSirenWI54872715-349-2121
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Warrant Records and How They Are Used

Warrant Records in Burnett County, Wisconsin are maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue under a court order called an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants are issued when there has been a finding of probable cause that the person named on the warrant committed a crime. The warrant states the reason for the warrant, and if the person violating the warrant is not present when it was executed, his or her arrest will be made by the state police.

Warrant records are public record documents in Wisconsin, but only to a point. If you want to search for records of an arrest warrant, you must first go through the circuit courts in your county, and then apply for an application to the court that created the warrant. This is because while arrests and warrants are stored in the state’s criminal records, there are several reasons that these files may not be available from the state courts. These include if the person arrested hasn’t been charged with an offense, or if the crime he was accused of did not result in a conviction, or if the case was abandoned after issuance of the warrant.

By searching online for these records, one can find out if a person’s record is in the public domain. If it is not, one can still search for it. But just like with any other public records, such as birth records and marriage records, the information provided is limited to name and age, and the state where the alleged crime took place. However, a person’s personal data, such as current and past addresses, Social Security numbers, background checks, criminal history, and financial data, are readily available. One can even perform a nationwide reverse look up using the same resources.

Warrant Records in Burnett County, Wisconsin, are confidential, and are only available to law enforcement officials and judicial proceedings. Thus, it is imperative that a person providing such information must first sign a confidentiality waiver. A person who appears to be a possible risk of violence, sexual offender, or terrorist should never give out this kind of sensitive personal information online. Likewise, any person undergoing a divorce or considering a marriage proposal should discuss that information and get a second opinion. Some of the data one can receive include a person’s court records, property ownership, parole information, parole violation, sexual offender records, and bank account information.

In addition to the above mentioned records, the state of Texas allows access to birth and death records, sex offenses, marriage records, divorce records, and more. While access to these records varies from state to state, a person may have a more difficult time locating records in another state. Such a person may need to fill out an application and pay a fee in order to gain access to records in another state. This fee is generally minimal, and is usually well worth the effort.

For many, searching through warrant records is an unsettling experience. However, having the knowledge that one has access to this information gives a person peace of mind. With this extra piece of mind, a person is better able to keep himself and his family safe. These records help put an end to the numerous accidents, domestic violence scenarios, and theft that may occur due to a person’s inability to stay below the radar.