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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(822)Gilmer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Gilmer County Probation Department10 Howard StreetGlenvilleWV26351304-462-7521
Gilmer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Gilmer County Sheriffs Office10 Howard StreetGlenvilleWV26351304-462-7441
Glenville Police Department20 North Court StreetGlenvilleWV26351304-462-7411
Glenville State College Department Of Public Safety200 High StreetGlenvilleWV26351304-462-4162
West Virginia State Police Troop 3 - Glenville Detachment4640 West Virginia 5GlenvilleWV26351304-462-7101
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Warrant Records are one of the most highly confidential documents in Gilmer County, and all Gilmer County Clerk of Court’s offices maintain a policy that they will not give away this information. Why is that? Because of the privacy protection that is afforded you by law. Warrant Records are considered to be public information and they state that “all records of warrants, judgments, arrests, and forfeitures performed under any act of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia are the personal property of the state.” Therefore, if you are looking up someone’s background history, you are only entitled to information that is within the jurisdiction of the Gilmer County clerk’s office.

What are warrants? Warrants are court orders that allow law enforcement officials to search and arrest a person for an outstanding offense. Warrants can be based on several different reasons. For example, police can issue a warrant for the arrest of a person for suspicion of DUI/ DWI, Obstructing a Government Agency, Felon in Probate, or Disorder violation. In addition, Gilmer County and all counties in Virginia also have “expired” warrants that are placed on the court’s database.

Who exactly can I access these records? The Gilmer County Clerk of Court has compiled a list of people who may be able to access this kind of information. Certain requirements must be met before one can obtain warrants. These requirements vary from county to county. Once you have met the requirements, however, the Gilmer County Records Department will help you search for any warrants that are on your county’s database.

Where can I find out more information about warrants? Today, there are many online services that allow you to request warrants from the Gilmer County Records. Some websites may charge you a fee, while others will give you access to records for free. Some may even let you fax information to the clerk’s office or conduct a criminal record search directly from their website. You can find out more detailed information about a person’s warrant status, such as the crime they were arrested for, the current status, and their past offenses. If a person has been convicted of domestic violence or another crime involving a weapon, his or her records will be displayed.

How can I use these records? Public records are available to anyone. You can conduct a criminal background check, an address check, or obtain marriage records. If you’re hiring a mechanic, doctor, or other licensed professional, you may access a patient’s records to make sure that he or she is who they say they are. You can perform an address check to see if someone is living at an address that is registered to them. There are countless other uses for these records.

If you have been arrested for a warrant, it is important that you understand what your options are. Because warrants are a matter of public record, any public information about them is available to the public. You should not be afraid to ask for information about a warrant because you are being investigated. By law, you are entitled to this information.