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Barbour County Sheriffs Office8 North Main StreetPhilippiWV26416304-457-2881
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City Of Belington Police Department505 Crim AvenueBelingtonWV26250304-823-1613
Philippi Police Department115 Church StreetPhilippiWV26416304-457-3700
Town Of Junior Police Department130 Row AvenueBelingtonWV26250304-823-1829
West Virginia State Police Troop 3 - Philippi DetachmentBear Run RoadPhilippiWV26416304-457-1101
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If you are ever stopped on suspicion of criminal activity or asked to identify yourself by law enforcement, you should know what the typical Warrant Records in Barbour County West Virginia are. Warrant Records are a public record that contains basic information about an individual who has been arrested or detained for suspicion of crime. These records may contain things like arrest records, pending court appearances, or other types of criminal activity. People have been detained for suspicion of committing a crime when they did not commit a crime, but these records still exist. You may be required to show these records when you go to or through the airport. Some employers will ask if they can see this record before they give you a job application.

The best place to find out what warrant records are in your area is with your local police department. If you are pulled over and given a citation, you can find out from the cop what is on the warrant. In many instances, this includes a person’s name, address, and telephone number if it is known. You can also find out if the citation was for an outstanding warrant, which is a more serious situation.

To find out more about a person’s history, you can also use one of the free online searches available. These searches look for warrants, and they may provide you with some basic background information. The information you are provided with may include social security numbers and any jail time a person has served. It may also give you a date of birth, date of marriage, and divorce.

If you suspect that a person may be illegally accused of a crime, then you should contact your local police department. If they cannot help you, then try contacting the local district attorney’s office. They will be able to tell you what, if anything, there is regarding the case. A warrant can be issued for several reasons, so it would be in your best interest to see whether or not you are legally obligated to respond to the police. Usually if there is probable cause to believe that the person committed a crime, an arrest warrant will be issued.

In many cases, a warrant will be issued for failure to appear in court. For example, if a person fails to show up for his/her trial, then an arrest warrant may be issued. Failure to appear in court is usually considered an honest default. This means that the defendant is aware of the violation, but does not intend to appear in court on the date scheduled. The judge or county clerk will issue the warrant if it is found that the defendant did in fact appear, but failed to obey the court’s order. An arrest warrant will be carried by the police, and a copy will be filed in the correct county courthouse.

It is easy to search warrant records, because the information is contained in the local courthouse. You will need to have all the proper forms completed and mailed to the courthouse in question. However, you should never pay money for this search because it will be done for free. You should always go to the courthouse and personally request the information from the judge or whoever is responsible for issuing the warrant.