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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1430)Caledonia County Police Departments
Hardwick Police Department20 Church StreetHardwickVT05843802-472-5475
Caledonia County Police Departments
Lyndonville Police Department316 Main StreetLyndonVT05851802-626-1271
Saint Johnsbury Police Department1st StreetSt. JohnsburyVT05819802-748-2314
Vermont State Police Troop B - Saint Johnsbury1068 U.s. 5St. JohnsburyVT05819802-748-3111
Caledonia County Sheriff Departments
Caledonia County Sheriff's Office1126 Main StreetSt. JohnsburyVT05819802-748-6666
Caledonia County Sheriffs DepartmentSecond StreetSt. JohnsburyVT05819802-748-6666
Caledonia County Probation Department
Caledonia County Probation Department67 Eastern AvenueSt. JohnsburyVT05819802-748-6602
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Caledonia County Superior Court Records
Caledonia Superior Court Family Division Court Records
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St. Johnsbury Police Department Website
Vermont State Police Website

How to Search Warrant Records

Warrant records are basically public documents that state the reasons for a person’s arrest. If you have any information about a criminal activity then you can look up the warrants and see if they have been canceled. People who are constantly wondered “who made a warrant”, are people who are interested in searching for this kind of information. In this case it is important to note that one should only search public records. Warrant records are considered private information and not open to the general public, hence there are laws that govern how one can access them.

There are two ways that a person can search for a record, one is to personally visit the courthouse or county courthouse where the warrant was filed and the other is by using the internet. The fastest and easiest way to do this is through the courthouse’s website where you will be given all the information that you need in detail. However, this is not always true. You may not even be able to find out the details about a particular warrant as certain requirements are usually required before searching the records. Some people still prefer going to the courthouse because of the security offered by the personnel.

There are two different types of warrants that exist in Vermont and one of them is called an aggravated warrant. This means that the person who has been accused of a more serious crime has been given a warrant for his or her arrest. In order to get a copy of this warrant you will have to go to the courthouse. It is then your responsibility to either obtain the warrant or to arrest the person and show it to the court.

If there is any evidence that you have obtained a warrant then you will need to go to the station that issued the warrant. Once there you will have to pick up the person’s identification and prove your identity. You will then have to go back to the courthouse and get your warrant released. When the warrant is set free, you will then be able to search the person’s records to see if there is any criminal activity that matches the one you have just obtained. If there is no criminal activity, then you will be free to go.

If there is any evidence of a warrant that you have obtained in Caledonia County, Vermont then it will remain on your record until you clear it. Some warrants may remain on your record for up to 10 years. Others can be cleared at any time but only after the person who was issued the warrant clears you of any criminal activity. After you have completed clearing your record you will then be able to apply for a new employment in Caledonia County.

Warrant records are very important to have in your files because you never know when someone could be arrested for some type of crime. It is better to be safe than sorry so you need to make sure that you are aware of a person’s background before you bring them into your company or home. You don’t want to deal with any type of unexpected event and then find out that your new employee has some type of criminal record. That would be devastating to you and your business. You also don’t want to deal with someone stealing from you or robbing you so having reliable warrant records is critical.