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(890)Emery County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Emery County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 817Castle DaleUT84513435-381-2404
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Emery County Sheriffs Office - Green River80 Farrer StreetGreen RiverUT84525435-564-3432
Emery County Sheriffs Office / Emery County Jail1850 N 550 WCastle DaleUT84513435-381-2404
Utah Highway Patrol - Section 9 - Greenriver Office420 East Main StreetGreen RiverUT84525435-564-3474
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Warrant Records in Emery County Utah

Warrant records are one of the most important parts of the legal system. They allow police to track a person down if they have been accused of something they did not do. A warrant can be for many things, but most commonly they will be for suspicion of a crime such as drug possession or assault. If the person did commit the crime, they will be arrested and booked into the jail. Once they are booked into jail, they will be put on trial.

People are sometimes surprised by the fact that they can have warrant records checked on the internet. These types of records are available for free online. There are many different websites that have these records available. In Emery County there are some counties that offer free online searches as well. If you would like to know if a person has a warrant out for their arrest, you can find out by searching online. You can do searches for warrants that have your name on them and see if they are active or not.

Some people may have more than one warrant out for their arrest. This is because some people are accused of more than one crime at a time. Someone could have multiple warrants out because they were once married. Others might have warrants out because they have stolen cars or vehicles. An ex person may have a warrant out because they are in a relationship and want to know who the other person is.

To search for warrant records, you need to contact your local police department. Make sure you tell them when you are going to be at work or when you will be home. Emery County police will be able to give you the information they need without charging you a fee for this service. There will be some fees involved, but they are minimal. You do not have to worry about any illegal acts being done when you conduct a search, as the police cannot get a person in trouble legally by using a warrant.

If you suspect that you are getting a warrant search on someone, there is a way to find out for sure. A judge can issue a search warrant, but you do not have to go through the entire process. You can search the person’s court records to see if there are any warrants out for their arrest.

If you find out that you are a victim of a warrant, you do have some options. You can try to find out what the charges are, but you may not be able to find out what the reason was for the warrant. A judge will make a decision on whether or not a person should be arrested. If you wish to contest the case, a motion to suppress can be made to prevent the police from arresting you. There are websites that will let you search for and find out more about warrant records in Emery County Utah, and you should check them out.