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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2006)Webb County Police Departments
Webb County Jail1001 Washington StreetLaredoTX78040956-523-4400
Webb County Police Departments
El Cenizo Police Department507 CadenaEl CenizoTX78046956-712-9107
Laredo Community College Police DepartmentWest End Washington StreetLaredoTX78040956-721-5303
Laredo Independent School District Police Department2219 Springfield AvenueLaredoTX78040956-795-3413
Laredo International Airport Police Department5210 Bob Bullock LoopLaredoTX78041956-795-2000
Laredo Police Department4712 Maher AvenueLaredoTX78041956-795-2800
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 105300 San Dario AvenueLaredoTX78041956-795-2882
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 11618 East Del Mar BoulevardLaredoTX78041956-795-2805
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 125210 Texas 359LaredoTX78043956-728-9034
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 132203 Piedra China StreetLaredoTX78043956-795-2073
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 1413301 Mines RoadLaredoTX78045956-717-2833
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 31102 North Smith AvenueLaredoTX78043956-725-8441
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 42902 Tilden AvenueLaredoTX78040956-795-2824
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 51002 Farragut StreetLaredoTX78040956-795-2651
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 6910 Hidalgo StreetLaredoTX78040956-795-2838
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 7501 Bruni StreetLaredoTX78040956-791-4327
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 81601 Ortiz StreetLaredoTX78041956-796-1127
Laredo Police Department - Precinct 94402 Springfield AvenueLaredoTX78041956-717-4134
Texas A And M International University Police Department5201 University BoulevardLaredoTX78041956-326-2100
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 8 District B Sergeant 0 Area 11901 Bob Bullock LoopLaredoTX78043956-728-2200
United Independent School District Police Department201 Lindenwood DriveLaredoTX78045956-764-6361
University Of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio Police Department Laredo Campus1937 Bustamante StreetLaredoTX78041956-523-7414
Webb County Sheriff Department
Webb County Sheriffs Department902 Victoria StreetLaredoTX78040956-523-4500
Webb County DEA Office
Laredo Texas DEA Office109 Shiloh DriveLaredoTX78045956-523-6000
Webb County FBI Office
Laredo Texas FBI Office105 Shiloh DriveLaredoTX78045956-723-4021
Webb County Probation Department
Webb County Probation Department111 Camino NuevoLaredoTX78043361-586-6000
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How to Get Access to People’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Webb County Texas are maintained and updated by the Texas State Highway Patrol. These records contain important information such as arrest warrants, court rulings on minor traffic offenses and judgments. When searching for this type of vital public information, you will need to contact the Texas Department of Public Safety or DPS. The DPS will maintain a database that details all warrants in their possession, including county-by-county information. However, searching the database can be time consuming and frustrating because of the many restrictions placed on its access.

Warrant records are confidential and cannot be printed out or photocopied. Only DPS can inform law enforcement agencies or other authorized individuals that a warrant is outstanding against a person. Once a warrant is issued by a judge, it remains on the person’s permanent record until it is cleared or sealed.

Warrant searches must be done within the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued. Additionally, any additional charges brought against the person will not appear on the final decree unless the original arrest warrant is dismissed. Therefore, if a person has another outstanding judgment against him or her and tries to search for their record, they will only find the first judgment.

There are several ways to get a copy of a persons criminal records. You can contact the DPS to request an online search of your record, or you can contact the county courthouse where the person lives. Most counties will have an online website for this purpose, but sometimes it may still require to go to the courthouse. This can be very time consuming and inconvenient.

If you want a detailed record of a persons criminal history, there is another option. Online access to these types of records is now available through many public record providers. These services will give you the most current information available for a person’s record without any hassles or charges. These online sites also access hundreds of other state and federal criminal records.

In the past, warrant records were hard to find because they are only stored locally. It can now be easy to find out whether a person has a warrant out for their arrest. This can make the difference between protecting your family and having to live with the risk of living in fear.

There are two main reasons that a warrant may be issued for a person. The first reason is a person that is in violation of the law. If a person fails to appear at court on a date scheduled, they can be arrested. This can happen in a variety of situations such as missing work, paying child support, or even traffic violations.

The other reason that a warrant may be issued is simply as an accessory to another crime. If a person is involved in a criminal enterprise, they may be arrested for tax fraud or some other criminal offense. warrant does not mean that the person is actually committing a crime, but it is used as a way to explain that there is a larger situation at play. It is very rare that someone will actually be arrested solely for a warrant. Warrant arrests are generally made for very minor infractions such as traffic tickets.