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(1942)Rockwall County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Rockwall County Probation Department915 Whitmore DriveRockwallTX75087972-204-7450
Rockwall County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Rockwall County Sheriffs Office / Rockwall County Jail950 T L Townsend DriveRockwallTX75087972-204-7001
Rockwall Police Department205 West Rusk StreetRockwallTX75087972-772-6091
Heath Police Department200 Laurence DriveHeathTX75032469-273-4020
Royse City Police Department100 West Main StreetRoyseTX75189972-636-9422
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How to Look Up Warrant Records

Warrant Records are an important part of the United States legal system. Every American citizen is entitled to one free copy of this record per year from the Texas Vital Statistics Office (or TDOC). This record shows whether a person has been declared mentally incapacitated, missing or is a fugitive from justice. If you’re ever stopped, searched or arrested by a law enforcement officer, you will be required by law to give this document to them upon request. It is also kept for criminal checks.

These records will reveal information regarding an individual’s criminal and financial history, marriage records, property records, arrest records, driving records and more. In Texas alone, TDOC has over two billion records. The information can sometimes be outdated. It may not show certain pertinent records such as a person’s immigration status or other relevant information. It is extremely important to verify the information that is provided as this can have a serious impact on your personal and professional life.

Texas Vital Statics Office does not keep national records like the FBI does. This is because warrant records must be maintained within the state borders. These are only available if the person has been convicted of a crime within the state.

Per Se – Simply put, a warrant is defined as a “thing made of or capable of wearing” an electronic tag or other means. It is similar to an identification card but instead of with a picture, it has the person’s signature. A warrant can be issued by a judge for a number of reasons. Some warrants are related to crimes such as robbery. Other warrants can be related to public disturbances, failure to appear, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and other criminal offenses.

Warrant Records in Rockwall County Texas are maintained at the county office and are managed electronically. To access a person’s past warrant information you will need either a driver’s license number or the last four digits of the person’s social security number. After you have these you can fill out an application and send in a mail in form. Keep in mind that when you apply for a warrant you must state the reason behind your request, including all of the person’s contact information. In most cases a letter of authorization will also be needed.

When a warrant is issued, it is a matter of the police wanting to find out more information on the person the warrant was written for. If they are unable to find enough information, the warrant will be cancelled. Warrant records in Rockwall County are maintained to ensure that the people in this area have their lives regulated. Without a warrant, a person could end up with their car impounded and their criminal record made public.