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(1937)Red River County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Red River County Probation Department301 West Madison StreetClarksvilleTX75426903-427-5761
Red River County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Red River County Sheriffs Office / Red River County Jail500 North Cedar StreetClarksvilleTX75426903-427-3838
Bogata Police Department128 South Main StreetBogataTX75417903-632-5315
Clarksville Police Department800 West Main StreetClarksvilleTX75426903-427-3836
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The Advantages of Searching For Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Red River County Texas are public information. This is information that can be used by anyone who needs it to track down and identify people who were arrested for crimes. These records are maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

What happens when you request a copy of an arrest warrant? You will receive the arrest warrant paperwork through the mail. In some cases, this paperwork will have to be picked up at the county courthouse. If the person arrested has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest, they will not be able to appear before a judge on the date scheduled.

When you need to know if a person has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest, you will have to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety to find out. You can do this online. They will let you know the person’s information and where they live. If you live in Red River County, you will want to go to the DPS website and find out the information.

Why would you want to do this? The best reason is so that you can find out if a person has been ordered to stand trial for an outstanding warrant. You may also want to do this if you want to get more information about a person you love. A warrant cannot be removed unless the person completes the requirements for having it removed.

Red River County does not keep national records. This means that if someone else lives in Texas and they have a warrant out for their arrest, they cannot just ask for it to be lifted. You will have to find the information yourself. To do this, you will have to use the DPS website or your local county courthouse.

People who are looking for information about an outstanding warrant can use the website listed above to search for the person’s address, arrest warrant information, and more. When searching through the records, you can see if the person has had any other warrants out for their arrest. This can help you figure out if they are being truthful when telling you they don’t have a warrant. If they do have a warrant, you can then decide if you want to make an arrest or let the matter drop.

Many times people will want to know if they have a warrant out for their arrest because they are suspected of something. They may feel scared about what is going on or suspicious about someone else. To check whether or not there is a warrant out for your particular person, you will need to access the DPS website or your local courthouse. Depending on the crime the suspect is suspected of committing, this can give you more information. For instance, if you are trying to track down information about an assault, you will be able to learn the type of weapon used and the name of the person charged.

Warrant records are important documents for anyone who is interested in hiring someone to work for them. Some employers hire people on a temporary basis only. If they have a criminal record, they may not qualify for the job. Having access to warrant records will make it easier to find out if the person you want to hire has a record. It will also help you to keep yourself safe.