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(1916)Parmer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Parmer County Sheriff's Office401 3rd StreetFarwellTX79325806-481-3303
Parmer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Parmer County Sheriffs Office / Parmer County Detention Center300 4th StreetFarwellTX79325806-481-3303
Bovina Police Department205 North StreetBovinaTX79009806-251-1133
Farwell Police Department100 9th StreetFarwellTX79325806-481-3600
Friona Police Department102 East 8th StreetFrionaTX79035806-250-2711
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Friona Municipal Court Records
Parmer County Child Support Warrants
Parmer County Court Records (Texas)
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Parmer County Sex Offender Registry
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Conducting a Criminal Check – How To Obtain Criminal Records

Warrant records in Parmer County Texas are among the most heavily-used public records. All warrants, probable cause statements, warrants issued and all other information regarding an individual’s arrest is filed and stored in the Parmer County Records Office. These records are made available to any member of the public through the Texas Subdivision of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This means that anyone can have access to these records within a short period of time without restriction.

What’s more, the records are easy to access and locate. You don’t need a lawyer to go fetch the information you require. All the records are available online for free. In fact, any one can conduct an online search on the Internet to find out any information they want. If you do not have Internet access at that time, you can easily mail or fax the necessary documents to the office.

Warrant records provide you with information such as when and where the person was arrested, the crime he was convicted of and other details relevant to your inquiry. Conducting a criminal search will give you an even bigger piece of information. All felony and lesser offense records, with all arrests, convictions, and charges, will be compiled into an “offender’s record”. If you are interested in hiring a new employee or looking at the background of a neighbor or loved one, conducting a background search will reveal many relevant details.

You can also do a reverse search on any person. Whether you want to know more about an individual who has moved to a new address or if you want to check if someone you know has a criminal record, you can retrieve important information through the records. In addition, you can also perform a “fiche search”, wherein you copy down the complete name of the individual and then search using this information. This will give you more detailed information than if you just used a name as the search query.

Permitting access to warrant records is actually one of the most basic and fundamental rights provided under the United States Constitution and the Basic Law of the Republic of South Africa. It is a right that is protected under the Constitution and all laws passed by the legislature. However, conducting a search warrant requires a court order. This can only be granted when there is reason to believe that the public should be prevented from knowledge of the warrant.

Although it is possible to get access to warrant records in the past, but today they are very private and confidential. If you are looking for information on someone’s criminal record, you are advised to use a professional investigative service. These services have access to national and international criminal databases as well as background records and police blotters.