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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Navarro County Sheriff's Office Website
(1906)Navarro County Police Departments
Navarro College Department Of Public Safety3200 West 7th AvenueCorsicanaTX75110903-875-7501
Navarro County Police Departments
Blooming Grove Independent School District Police Department212 West Grady StreetBlooming GroveTX76626903-695-2541
Blooming Grove Police Department200 South Fordyce StreetBlooming GroveTX76626903-695-2711
Corsicana Independent School District Police Department3701 Texas 22CorsicanaTX75110903-874-8211
Corsicana Independent School District Police Department601 North 13th StreetCorsicanaTX75110903-874-7441
Corsicana Police Department200 North 12th StreetCorsicanaTX75110903-654-4900
Frost Police Department100 Garrity AvenueCorsicanaTX75110903-682-3861
Kerens Police Department200 South Colket StreetKerensTX75144903-396-2971
Rice Independent School District Police Department1400 South McKinney StreetRiceTX75155903-326-4502
Rice Police Department203 Calhoun StreetRiceTX75155903-326-4146
Navarro County Sheriff Department
Navarro County Sheriffs Office / Navarro County Jail312 West 2nd AvenueCorsicanaTX75110903-654-3002
Navarro County Probation Department
Navarro County Probation Department300 West 3rd AvenueCorsicanaTX75110903-654-3070
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How to Search For Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records are an important part of public record and can be found in Navarre County, Texas. You can find public records about a person in Navarre County by doing a search online or go to county’s Public Recorder’s Office for any of the 50 states and then do a search from there. Warrant Records are basically when there is suspicion or probable cause that a person has committed a crime and that there is a warrant out for their arrest.

Warrant records are used for many different purposes. Sometimes they are used for a background check on people who want to work at certain companies. Some employers will run criminal checks on potential employees to see if they have any prior arrests for crimes such as assault, DWI, shoplifting, stealing, etc. The best time to do this type of background check is when you first interview someone.

Many times, there will be multiple records for one person. For example, if the person you are interviewing has been charged with Shoplifting, they may have many warrants out for their arrest. When searching for these records it is very important to know exactly what you are looking for. For example, you want to make sure you only search for criminal records, not traffic tickets. Traffic tickets will not show up on a report of a person charged with a criminal offense. This is because traffic violations are usually punished by the criminal court system, not the civil court system.

You may also search for these records to see if someone you know has a criminal record. If you are dating someone online, or doing online transactions with money, it is a good idea to do a background check on them before you give your personal information online. It is also smart to check to see if your children have a history of drug use. Chances are if they have a record, it will come up in your search.

In order to find these types of records, you need to go to the right place. They are the Criminal Court Record Department. This department was designed just for the purpose of making it easy for people to get these records when they need them. You can also go directly to the county courthouse and see if they keep the information online.

Now that you know how to find these documents, you need to make sure that the person you are checking on is who they say they are. Make sure that you are not giving out your personal information in any way. Even though you have a legitimate reason to be checking up someone’s background, if you don’t ask for it ahead of time, you could be charged with a crime. These documents can be very useful and they should not be overlooked.