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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1905)Nacogdoches County Police Departments
Nacogdoches Independent School District Police4330 Southeast Stallings DriveNacogdochesTX75961936-569-3147
Nacogdoches County Police Departments
Nacogdoches Police Department312 West Main StreetNacogdochesTX75961936-559-2607
Cushing Independent School District Police Department1 Bearkat DriveCushingTX75760936-326-4890
Garrison Independent School District Police Department459 U.s. 59GarrisonTX75946936-347-7002
Garrison Police Department129 Greenwood StreetGarrisonTX75946936-347-2201
Stephen F. Austin University Police Department232 East College StreetNacogdochesTX75965936-468-2608
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 2 District B Sergeant 0 Area 65407 U.s. 59NacogdochesTX75964936-560-6528
Nacogdoches County Sheriff Departments
Nacogdoches County Sheriff / Nacogdoches County Jail2306 Douglass RoadNacogdochesTX75964936-560-7777
Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office2306 Douglass RoadNacogdochesTX75964936-560-7794
Nacogdoches County Probation Department
Nacogdoches County Probation Department2723 Center RoadNacogdochesTX75961936-560-7710
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Warrant Records Can Help You Search For People

Warrant Records in Nacogdoches County Texas are a repository of all warrants that have been issued in the past year. These records serve a great purpose. A person whose name appears on one of these warrants will not be let into the building because it’s possible they’ll get arrested. That’s why Texas has this system in place to ensure people don’t get out of hand and commit crimes without even knowing they’re being watched.

A warrant refers to a legal document from a judge that says a person has committed a crime against the jurisdiction. For example, if a person were to rob a bank, they would first be arrested by local law enforcement and then have their criminal record filed. They may have been convicted, or may still be under investigation. At the same time, local sheriffs and police can look into an individual’s background and see if they should issue a warrant for their arrest.

Warrant records contain an outstanding amount of detail about the people who are arrested. If you want to know more, you can contact your local law enforcement agencies and ask for this information. In some cases, there may be an online facility where you can perform searches on any person. If not, then your best bet is to go down to the office of the Texas state attorney. You can either bring a printed out copy of the warrant or just show up with your ID, which may be required when talking to the police. To make sure you’ve done everything right, bring along as much documentation as you can, including any written orders or documents relating to the warrant.

Warrant records in Nacogdoches County also show the identity of the person who was arrested. This means you can search for any aliases the person uses or anyone who has been named in the warrant. For example, a person who has been accused of murder may have a different legal representation than the one who applied for the warrant. You can also use the exact address of the person who was arrested because that’s another piece of information that will help you narrow down your search. Of course, you should remember that warrant records don’t include criminal activity that hasn’t happened yet. So if you want to check up on your nanny or your teenager’s new boyfriend, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Aside from name and address, you can also find out about the crime the person was charged with. Some warrant records do say the crime that motivated the person to get a warrant, but they don’t necessarily detail what happened. In some situations, the crime is covered under the state’s own laws. To find out if you need to contact a lawyer or not, consult your own local courthouse.

Keep in mind that it’s possible for someone to have more than one warrant for their arrest. In fact, the most common scenario is that there might be more than one person wanted for the same crime. If you want to check if a particular person has more than one warrant, you should visit your local courthouse. There you can either ask to see the records personally, or you can pay an administrative fee to have them sent to you online. You should make sure that you’re getting the right person or they might still have a warrant out for their arrest.