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(1885)Mitchell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mitchell County Sheriff Office / Mitchell County Jail320 Pine StreetColoradoTX79512325-728-5261
Mitchell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Colorado City Police Department148 West 3rd StreetColoradoTX79512325-728-5294
Loraine Police Department111 South Main StreetLoraineTX79532325-737-2222
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 4 District B Sergeant 0 Area 4405 Elm StreetColoradoTX79512325-728-5214
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Accessing Criminal Records

What are warrants? Warrant records, are documents filed with the courts that allow law enforcement officials to detain someone on suspicion of criminal activity. A warrant does not mean the person is actually arrested, but it does mean they have been charged with an outstanding warrant and that their arrest warrant has been forwarded to a local police department for them to arrest the person based on the citation. Some warrants are “hold” warrants which mean the person who is wanted on the warrant has actually been arrested and placed in jail. Other warrants are “open” warrants which mean the issuance of the warrant was not done by a police department, but rather by an independent private citizen acting on behalf of the person the warrant was issued for.

You can find out who owns a warrant by contacting your local courthouse. If you are not sure what this means, then try searching online. There are sites out there that will give you a list of people who have warrants out for their arrest. In some instances, these records may be public record, but they will only be listed in public court houses unless the person has applied for an order to suppress the record. This means it could be in your local county courthouse, but it will not be posted online like it would be at a criminal records search site.

Whichever type of warrant you are pursuing, you want to make sure you follow all of the legal steps involved. In Texas, when a person is arrested for a criminal offense, the state requires them to immediately appear in court and enter a plea of “guilty.” If the person cannot meet those requirements, their case will be dismissed. Because a criminal conviction will remain on a person’s criminal record, it can remain active for up to ten years. People can be arrested for misdemeanor offenses, but the felony conviction will stay on their records longer.

If you are investigating a person for a criminal offense such as assault or something similar, you will most likely run a criminal background check on them. However, it’s not just a matter of looking up a person’s name and seeing what comes up. You have to know exactly what information is contained in the warrant. The name that is on the warrant will not always be the person’s name. It could be their date of birth, their social security number, or any other piece of information that could give you insight into who they are.

There are a couple ways you can access a person’s criminal records. You can go to the court house where the arrest was made, or you can do an online search. Many states still require you to visit the courthouse in the county the warrant was executed, but this can take several hours. In many cases, you will have to pay a small fee to get the information you need. It will be worth the money, however, if you know that someone has been arrested for a serious offense.

Warrant records are not always used by law enforcement, but they are commonly requested by lenders and anyone else you think needs to verify a person’s credentials. If you are applying for a job, or want to check out someone you think could be dangerous, this is a great way to do it without alerting the person that you are checking out. They will not have a clue, as there is no time limit on submitting the request. It is also a good idea to use this service if you think you may have been a victim of identity theft.