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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1857)Lynn County Police Departments
O'Donnell Police Department615 8th StreetO'DonnellTX79351806-428-3344
Lynn County Police Departments
Tahoka Independent School District Police Department1925 Avenue PTahokaTX79373806-561-4538
Tahoka Police Department1525 South 2nd StreetTahokaTX79373806-561-5255
Tahoka Police Department1520 South 2nd StreetTahokaTX79373806-561-5255
Lynn County Sheriff Departments
Lynn County Law Enforcement Center810 Lockwood StreetTahokaTX79373806-561-4505
Lynn County Sheriff's Office810 Lockwood StreetTahokaTX79373806-561-4505
Lynn County Probation Department
Lynn County Probation DepartmentPO Box 1 166TahokaTX79373806-561-5244
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How To Lookup Warrant Records

What are the purposes of Texas warrants? Generally speaking, warrants are legal documents filed by a judge allowing law enforcement to secretly seize property until a warrant is issued. The original intentions of the warrant system were to prevent the abuse of power by the government and to provide an incentive for law enforcement to diligently prosecute law breakers.

However, now-a-days people tend to misuse the system and this can cause a lot of problems. Warrant searches are not only conducted on people who are suspected of crime; they can also be used to track down someone you love. With the world moving at such a fast pace, many people don’t think that their lives are being investigated. This can lead to illegal activities such as drug use, prostitution and infidelity. These activities usually go unnoticed by the person concerned until there is a knock at the door. Then it can seem like someone’s been living under the bridge!

Warrant records in Texas are public information. This means that when you are arrested, the Texas Bureau of Investigation will maintain the details of the warrant for two years. This information can then be found on an Internet database. If you have any contact with someone from the police, a court, a lawyer, or someone whom you just met recently, you will be able to find out if they were arrested using a public record search. This is very beneficial if you have lost contact with an individual, or if you want to find out more about an individual you are having doubts about.

When searching for warrants, you will be able to find any person’s arrest records, sex offender records, driver’s license records, and even court records. Some of the information you will find may be considered private. You should always check the privacy policy of any website you are using to find public records before paying to have information about someone sent to you. If there are any clauses that you do not agree with, do not continue to use the website.

When you are looking to hire someone to work in your home, it is very important that you make sure they have a clean criminal record and a clean police record. This is especially important when you consider that you children are your prime concern. If you know that someone you are considering to hire has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you should definitely avoid hiring them. While it is your right to choose the people you associate with, you don’t want to risk exposing your children to potential danger by hiring someone who has a criminal past.

In some situations, such as child custody disputes, or some other civil matter, it is often impossible or extremely difficult to obtain the records of the individual you are investigating. This is when a warrant will be issued by a judge. If the person you are investigating does not have a warrant, they cannot be searched without the express written permission of a judge. The warrant will show the name and current address of the person, along with the crime they were arrested for and their current status in the community. You can also find out if a person has a warrant issued against them through the police department. You can either contact the Lynn County sheriff’s department or go online to the website of the Texas Department of Public Safety to obtain these types of arrest records.