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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1856)Lubbock County Police Departments
Lubbock City Marshals Office915 Avenue JLubbockTX79401806-775-2479
Lubbock County Police Departments
Lubbock Fire Marshals Office1515 East Ursuline StreetLubbockTX79403806-775-2646
Lubbock Independent School District Police Department1628 19th StreetLubbockTX79401806-766-1193
Lubbock International Airport Police Department5401 North Martin L King BoulevardLubbockTX79403806-775-2044
Lubbock Police Department916 Texas AvenueLubbockTX79401806-775-2865
Lubbock Police Department915 Texas AvenueLubbockTX79401806-775-2750
Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District Police Department16302 Texas 493 LoopLubbockTX79423806-863-2282
Buffalo Springs Lake Police Department9999 High Meadow RoadLubbockTX79404806-747-0496
Frenship Independent School District Police Department902 Dowden RoadWolfforthTX79382806-866-9541
Idalou Police Department208 Main StreetIdalouTX79329806-892-2531
New Deal Police Department404 South Monroe AvenueLubbockTX79403806-746-5860
Ransom Canyon Police Department24 Lee Kitchens DriveRansom CanyonTX79366806-829-2600
Roosevelt Independent School District Police Department1406 County Road 3300LubbockTX79403806-928-7228
Shallowater Independent School District Police Department1100 Avenue KShallowaterTX79363806-832-4535
Shallowater Police Department607 Avenue GShallowaterTX79363806-832-4561
Slaton Police Department175 North 8th StreetSlatonTX79364806-828-2020
Texas Tech Police Department2901 4th StreetLubbockTX79415806-742-3931
Town of New Deal404 South Monroe AvenueLubbockTX79403806-746-5860
Wolfforth Police Department302 Main StreetWolfforthTX79382806-866-4215
Lubbock County Sheriff Department
Lubbock County Sheriffs Office / Lubbock County Jail811 Main StreetLubbockTX79401806-775-1400
Lubbock County DEA Office
Lubbock Texas DEA Office5214 68th StreetLubbockTX79424806-798-7189
Lubbock County FBI Office
Lubbock Texas FBI Office1205 Texas AvenueLubbockTX79401806-765-8571
Lubbock County Probation Department
Lubbock County Probation Department2025 North Akron AvenueLubbockTX79415806-775-1800
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Warrant Records Search Information

Warrant Records in Lubbock Texas are considered public information. This means that anyone can get copies of warrants and arrest warrants if they so desire. People who have criminal records or warrants on their name are prohibited from serving on a jury, running for public office, or serving as an officer in the Texas State Police or other law enforcement agencies. This is what draws the attention of people who want to conduct a background check on someone. They would do well to know exactly what records the person has and what police blotters their record falls under.

What happens when a person is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving? A police officer will take a person’s driver’s license and perform a check by checking the person’s records, such as if they have had a warrant out for their arrest. If there is no record, the officer will ask for identification and perform a search of their vehicle. If identification is not forthcoming, a sobriety test may be conducted.

When a person is arrested for a DWI violation, they will most likely have their records checked by the Lubbock Police Department to determine if they are guilty or not. While in jail, a record of their arrest will be logged into their system and then the results will be forwarded to the courts. The courts will then make their determination of guilt or innocence based on the records of the person. It should be noted that if a defendant posts bail and fails to appear in court, their records will become public knowledge.

When a person is convicted of DWI in Lubbock Texas, they will be required to undergo a comprehensive search of their police arrest files. These files will show any warrants for their arrest and any other violations that were incurred during their arrest. In addition to this, their driving record will also come to light. If they were caught driving while intoxicated, their driver’s license will be suspended immediately. If they were previously convicted of DWI or any other crime involving alcohol consumption, they will face additional penalties. These penalties will be logged into their system as well.

Warrant records are not only important for investigating crimes, they can be used to verify the identity of an individual. This can be useful when a person has doubts about someone that they just met. A simple search of the person’s name and current address can reveal whether or not they are who they say they are. It can also be useful when applying for jobs and such.

When conducting a warrant records search, it is best to contact a professional company that specializes in these documents. These companies will have the tools and information necessary to find out if a person has a warrant issued against them. Depending on the nature of the case, some searches can be very confidential. A good warrant checker will be able to inform the person in question that their records are being investigated. If nothing shows up, a person may not have a warrant issued against them.