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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Horseshoe Bay Police Department1 Community DriveHorseshoe BayTX78657830-598-2633
Lampasas Police Department301 West Main StreetLlanoTX78643512-556-3644
Sunrise Beach Police Department124 Sunrise DriveSunrise Beach VillageTX78643325-388-2899
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 6 District B Sergeant O Area 82001 Texas 16LlanoTX78643325-247-3271
Llano County Sheriff Departments
Llano County Law Enforcement Center2001 Texas 16LlanoTX78643325-247-5767
Llano County Sheriff's Office2001 Highway 16LlanoTX78643325-247-5767
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Llano Police Department123 Robinson Park DriveLlanoTX78643325-247-3028
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Warrant Records and Searching For Them

Are you wondering what is a Wart Warrant? A Wart Warrant is an outstanding arrest warrant that has been issued in the county of Llano County in Texas. The warrant was issued when a police officer suspected the person of being involved in a crime. The suspect was taken into custody and the officer noticed some information on the suspect’s person. When the suspect denied the information, the warrant was then issued.

Why would a police officer do something so drastic? There are many reasons that a warrant may be issued. If the suspect failed to appear at their court date, they can be held in jail until their court date. If the person fails to produce the warrant, they will be sent to jail for failure to appear. If there is information on the warrant, a person can be arrested without much prior notice.

Searching for Texas warrant records can be done online. There are many different websites that offer information on all aspects of warrants. You can find information on if the warrant is current, whether the warrant is canceled or not and if there are any outstanding warrants out for your person. Per state laws, a warrant can only be issued for a specific crime.

Searching for a warrant online can give you a lot of information. The person’s name, address, warrant charges and more can be reported on a background check. Performing a search will bring back the person’s criminal history if there are any. This is helpful in determining any discrepancies on the person’s record and will help to make sure that your new hire is not a criminal.

In order to obtain the most accurate information, perform a criminal background check that includes a person’s name and any other information that might be associated with the person. Performing a warrant record search on yourself can be helpful when you are trying to rent a home, apartment or want to check a person’s background. If you are going to hire a nanny or employee, you will need to know who they are. You should also check with the school to make sure that the person that is teaching your child at school is not on a list of sex offenders. The reason is that there could be an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a warrant, it is your responsibility to go find out the details of the warrant. Some warrants may have serious criminal offenses such as assault or murder. Others may only have petty crimes such as vandalism or shoplifting. It can be difficult to get a person’s criminal history when they are involved in an incident involving a warrant. Search the internet to find a website that will allow you to conduct a search on your own or you can pay a professional to do the search for you.