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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1835)Lampasas County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lampasas County District Clerk409 South Pecan StreetLampasasTX76550512-556-8271
Lampasas County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lampasas County Sheriffs Department / Lampasas County Jail410 Fourth StreetLampasasTX76550512-556-8255
Lampasas Police Department301 Fourth StreetLampasasTX76550512-556-3644
Kempner Police Department298 Pecan StreetKempnerTX76539512-932-2180
Lometa Police Department100 West San Saba StreetLometaTX76853512-752-3331
Lampasas County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Bell/Lampasas Counties Community Supervision and Corrections Department Most Wanted
City of Lampasas Court Records
Lampasas County Child Support Warrants
Lampasas County Court Records (Texas)
Lampasas County District Court Records
Lampasas County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Lampasas County Sex Offender Registry
Lampasas County Sheriff's Office Website

What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant records in Lampasas County, Texas are public information and can be obtained at the Texas Vital Statistics Office or the Clerk of court. Warrant records show any warrants for arrests that have been issued in a particular county. Warrant records are not only available for the arrest of a person but also show other instances where a person has been arrested. In most cases, a warrant will be filed by law enforcement officials for an arrest of a person. Warrant records are kept for six months to a year.

Warrant records are used for a wide variety of purposes, among them the purpose of conducting background investigations on potential employees or tenants. In many circumstances, the person initiating the investigation may wish to verify that the tenant or new employee is not involved in any criminal activity. Warrant records can also help protect the property and assets of a business. Therefore, warrant investigations can be performed in many situations where a person’s protection is at stake.

Warrant records can also show when a person has been arrested on suspicion of a crime. If you are living in Lampasas County, then it is in your best interest to obtain a copy of your warrant’s record in the event that you become the victim of mistaken identity. Another situation in which one may require access to a person’s warrant information is if there has been a break in and the suspect is being searched. In this case, a police officer may have reason to believe that the person is armed and might be about to rob a home or store.

Warrant records can also be helpful to the general public in situations such as for employment or rental purposes. When you are looking for a new job, you may need to give some basic information about yourself to the potential employer. If you are hiring an individual, you should not have to ask him or her for a copy of a court warrant. This document is considered a part of the applicant’s personal history and is supposed to be obtained without hassle.

Warrant records can also be helpful to the general public when it comes to civil cases. For example, it may be helpful to a person who has been accused of a crime in a civil court to find out whether or not they have a record of it. A warrant may be issued for a particular person when the police believe there is reason to believe they are about to commit a crime. You will need to search through the police records in order to locate the record. People who have been convicted of misdemeanors as well as those who have been convicted of crimes such as DUI may be required to show their warrant status. The same applies to people who have been convicted of sex crimes.

Warrant records can be accessed by any person by filling out an online form. It does not cost anything for the information; in most cases the cost is simply a few dollars. You will simply have to provide the person’s name, date of birth and social security number. If you want to see more detailed information about a person’s history, you may be required to pay a small fee. In most cases the fee is nominal and the benefits of knowing who a person is before hiring them far outweighs the small fee that is usually charged.