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(1828)King County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
King County Sheriff's Office100 W Live Oak St Ste 101GuthrieTX76834325-625-3506
King County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
King County Sheriffs Office800 South Baker StreetGuthrieTX79236806-596-4413
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What are warrants? Warrants are legal documents that allow for arrest and detaining without the issuance of a formal warrant of arrest. In King County, police have the authority to ” detain a person for a specific crime, while the person is in the presence of peace officers…if the officer believes there is a warrant for the person’s arrest.” This means that anyone can be arrested and held overnight in handcuffs by a police department in King County without any warrant or court order.

The right to an attorney is a right that most people have in America. However, a warrant can be requested by law enforcement officials for a variety of reasons. Often times, individuals that have outstanding warrants will be questioned when they approach another person’s house. If a person approaches another person’s house and they ask to see their warrant, that is perfectly fine. However, if the other person continues to question them about the warrant, it can lead to criminal charges. Here is how you can request a copy of a persons warrant.

There are many different online websites that offer free access to public record databases. You can search and get warrants in Texas through these websites. This is considered to be a public record. However, the information contained in these websites are not guaranteed true and correct and should not be relied on entirely. Many times you will be given false information and wrong information if you use free online websites to obtain your criminal records.

You can pay a small fee to access more detailed warrant information in the comfort of your own home. These companies do charge a fee because the records are not available to the general public. This information includes not only a person’s name, but their date of birth, physical description, aliases, criminal history, traffic offenses, and more. The cost varies, depending on which website you choose. However, it is a very affordable way to obtain criminal records on anyone in the State of Texas. These types of warrant records are also good for searches in other countries as well.

If you have any doubts as to the identity of a person, you can use a name lookup service. The name lookup services can help you find a person’s address by entering a person’s name and/or name address. You can gain access to this type of information by paying a fee. Some sites will allow you to run unlimited searches. The price is usually very affordable. Therefore, it is always worth the small fee to find the person’s information.

Warrant records provide an excellent way to find out the identity of a person who you may consider suspicious. It can even be helpful when hiring someone or when doing business transactions with foreign countries. This type of criminal record can give you peace of mind, which is very important to have in today’s world. Therefore, you should make sure you are using a reliable online search site to obtain the criminal background of anyone who you want to investigate.