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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1794)Jasper County Police Departments
Jasper Police Department555 South Main StreetJasperTX75951409-384-3471
Jasper County Police Departments
Kirbyville Police Department105 South Elizabeth AvenueKirbyvilleTX75956409-423-6201
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 2 District B Sergeant 0 Area 72188 US Highway 190 WestJasperTX75951409-384-5712
Jasper County Sheriff Department
Jasper County Sheriffs Office / Jasper County Jail101 Burch StreetJasperTX75951409-384-5417
Jasper County Probation Departments
Jasper County Probation Department121 North Austin StreetJasperTX75951409-384-9063
Newton County Probation Department121 North Austin StreetJasperTX75951409-384-9063
Sabine County Probation Department121 North Austin StreetJasperTX75951409-384-9064
San Augustine County Probation Department121 North Austin StreetJasperTX75951409-384-9063
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Warrant Records Search – Conducting a Background Check Online to See If You Need to Hire That Person

Warrant records in Jasper County Texas are the backbone of the business community. Warrant searches are conducted by law enforcement personnel for purposes of locating and arresting criminals. These warrants usually specify an accused person’s name, their crime, time and place of commission and charges, which is also called a charge. Warrant records also contain data on people who are accused of committing crimes but do not yet have warrants issued against them.

Warrant records are important because they allow police to identify and locate criminals. The records list the name of the suspect, their crime, date and location of commission, charges, and other information pertinent to the case. In some instances, a person who has been charged with a felony may be required to submit to fingerprinting or to post a bond, which is why a search of these records helps alleviate officer safety while conducting a search.

In most cases, if a person has no prior record, they will be regarded as an “innocent” individual. However, this does not always make it easier to protect that person from other potential dangers. A warrant records search can provide the police with the necessary information to determine whether or not the individual is guilty of the crime. Warrant records can also help stop repeat offenders from re-offending, by providing the police with their full criminal history. If the police feel that the person does have a history, they can conduct an arrest and subsequent search of the person.

This information is available to the public. However, the only way to access these records is through the courthouse where the crime was committed and the person that was arrested. If the person’s record was expunged (removed), their name will not appear on the search engine results. This means that if you conduct an online search and you do not find the person’s name, you may have to conduct another search through the courthouse. It is best to check multiple locations.

Another reason for using a search warrant service is to protect a person’s assets. If an individual does not have access to the proper records that would allow them to find out if a person is in financial trouble or if there are any warrants out for their arrest. Many times, there are similar names for the same person with financial problems. This can lead to identity theft and can cost the person money. An online record search can allow an individual to see if there are warrants out for their arrest for the same person.

Protecting yourself and your family is important. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that you are aware of a person’s criminal background. You should know the history of any person that you are considering dating or who you want to hire to work at your home or place of business. If a background search is conducted, then you will know if that person has a history of any type of crime. This can save you a lot of heartache and loss of life.