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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1793)Jackson County Police Departments
City of Ganado112 East Putnam AvenueGanadoTX77962361-771-2800
Jackson County Police Departments
Edna Police Department103 North Allen StreetEdnaTX77957361-782-5271
Ganado Police Department112 East Putnam AvenueGanadoTX77962361-771-2800
La Ward Police Department36 Espirito AvenueLa WardTX77970361-872-2362
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 3 District A Sergeant 0 Area 4115 West Main StreetEdnaTX77957361-782-6662
Jackson County Sheriff Department
Jackson County Sheriffs / Jackson County Jail115 West Main StreetEdnaTX77957361-782-3371
Jackson County Probation Department
Jackson County Probation Department411 North Wells StreetEdnaTX77957361-782-3101
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Jackson County Texas are held in two locations, in the courts and at the county courthouse. When you go to the courts, you will be able to access the records yourself through the courts website. You can also access these records online through the county’s records portal. Both of these locations are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

There are many times when a person might need to obtain criminal history information on an individual that they are involved with. This type of background check can be very useful if you want to ensure that your babysitter isn’t putting you children at risk by allowing a stranger into their home. It can also be useful if you are suspicious of a neighbor, employee, or friend. The information provided by a search warrant can also help you if you are interested in learning more about another person that you have come across, such as if you are considering hiring someone to work in your home.

These records are public record and can be obtained by anyone who needs them. If you go to the local court house, you will be able to request criminal records for any person in the country. There are different types of warrants that can be used to obtain this information. For example, if an individual has a restraining order issued against them in another state, the warrant can be from that state and it will also show up on your background report.

Searching through these records is extremely beneficial. If you are going to hire someone to either work in your home or around your neighborhood, it can be very beneficial to know that they are not dangerous. If there are suspicions that a neighbor is not who they say they are, these records can let you know if there are any criminal records that indicate they have been prosecuted for a crime. This is especially helpful if you have children or other adults living with you.

You can also use these records to check up on an employee that you want to hire. You never know when they might make a slip-up and give your company information that can be used for illegal purposes. It is also helpful to know that a person has a clean record and has not been involved in any criminal activity in the past.

Warrant records are public records and you can have access to them at anytime. However, the information that you find may not be complete. Some charges such as assault and murder are not reported to the police and therefore not included in the database. In order to find out the complete information, you may have to contact the local authorities and pay a small fee. This will help ensure the people you are investigating are who they say they are.