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Goliad County Probation DepartmentPO Box 593GoliadTX77963361-645-8570
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Goliad County Sheriffs Office / Goliad County Jail701 East End StreetGoliadTX77963361-645-3451
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What is a Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Goliad County Texas are available to the public. These documents list all the people arrested and arraigned for various crimes, including everything from misdemeanor to capital murder. Because warrants are issued by grand juries, these are not considered public records. However, they can be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety if you are performing an investigation on someone for the purposes of checking their background.

You can get a copy of the warrant at any police department or courthouse. You will need to fill out an application requesting permission to look up the person’s criminal history. The application will need to give your name, address, and contact information. You will also have to state whether you are searching for one individual or multiple people. A certified copy of the warrant will then be provided to you.

It is easy to know if you are looking up an individual’s warrant. If there is a warrant out for their arrest, their name will be listed on this document. Depending on the case, the warrant will be listed in the court’s records or the state’s records. This can give you important information that could help you track down the person you’re searching for. If the person has ever skipped out on court, their warrant may be recorded somewhere.

In some cases, you will be asked to pay a small fee to get the information you are searching for. This is because the government only publish warrants that are filed with them. It is rare for warrants to be released through the courts. Also, if you are looking up a person’s background, you may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you are able to search.

There are two different types of warrant records available for your search. First, you will be able to search the record for free. The main reason for this is because it is an incredibly simple document to create. All you need is the person’s name, the location where they are registered, and what the date is. This will allow you to get the warrant as long as you have all three pieces.

Another option for your search is to use one of the many online services to do the search. With these websites, you can quickly find out if a person has a warrant out for their arrest. You can get the person’s name, the reasons for the warrant, and the status of the warrant. If you are doing this for a friend or partner, you can also know the type of infraction they were accused of so you can avoid future problems.