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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
El Paso Police Department Website
University of Texas At El Paso Police Department Website
(1426)El Paso County Police Departments
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Police - El Paso805 South Santa Fe StreetEl PasoTX79901915-534-2308
El Paso County Police Departments
El Paso Community College Police Department - Mission Del Paso Campus10700 Gateway Boulevard EastEl PasoTX79927915-831-6633
El Paso Community College Police Department - Northwest Campus6701 South Desert BoulevardEl PasoTX79932915-831-8911
El Paso Community College Police Department - Rio Grande Campus100 West Rio Grande AvenueEl PasoTX79902915-831-4023
El Paso Community College Police Department - Transmountain Campus9570 Gateway Boulevard NorthEl PasoTX79924915-831-5041
El Paso Community College Police Department - Valle Verde Campus919 Hunter DriveEl PasoTX79915915-831-2898
El Paso Independent School Distict Police6531 Boeing DriveEl PasoTX79925915-887-6880
El Paso Police Department911 North Raynor StreetEl PasoTX79903915-564-7000
University Of Texas At El Paso Police Department3118 Sun Bowl DriveEl PasoTX79902915-747-5611
Anthony Police DepartmentOak StreetAnthonyTX79821915-886-3839
Anthony Police Department401 Wildcat DriveAnthonyTX79821915-886-3838
Clint Police Department136 San Elizario RoadClintTX79836915-851-3146
Horizon City Police Department14999 Darrington RoadHorizonTX79928915-852-1047
Socorro Independent School District Police Department1300 Joe Battle BoulevardEl PasoTX79936915-937-4537
Socorro Police Department670 Poona RoadSocorroTX79927915-858-6983
Ysleta Del Sur Tribal Police9241 Socorro RoadEl PasoTX79907
Ysleta Independent School District Police Department9600 Sims DriveEl PasoTX79925915-434-0195
El Paso County Sheriff Departments
El Paso County Sheriffs Office - Clint Substation708 Farm to Market Road 1110ClintTX79836915-851-3287
El Paso County Sheriffs Office - Fabens Substation201 Camp StreetFabensTX79838915-764-3972
El Paso County Sheriffs Office - Headquarters3850 JusticeEl PasoTX79938915-538-2217
El Paso County Sheriffs Office - Montana Substation12501 Montana AvenueEl PasoTX79938915-856-4875
El Paso County Sheriffs Office - Vinton Substation436 Vinton RoadVintonTX79821915-886-2724
El Paso County DEA Office
El Paso Texas DEA Office11339 Ssg Sims StreetFort BlissTX79918214-640-0801
El Paso County FBI Office
El Paso Texas FBI Office660 South Mesa Hills DriveEl PasoTX79912915-832-5000
El Paso County Probation Department
El Paso County Probation Department6400 Delta DriveEl PasoTX79905915-849-2500
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Warrant Records – Searching For a Person’s Warrants

Warrant Records in El Paso County Texas are public information. These records will tell you a little bit about a person but not enough to confirm a persons identity or allow you to do anything else with that information. You can look up warrants, search for someone or locate someone’s address. But the details contained in these documents are not considered private, instead they are considered public information.

If you are looking to hire a contractor or employee, you will need to find out the background of this person. This is best done by investigating a person’s criminal records. A background check will let you know if someone has any criminal record. You can also find birth and death records as well as marriage and divorce records. While the information in these records may be public, it is still best to find out who they belong to before hiring them.

There are many different types of people and reasons that you would want to find this information. For example, if you have a new neighbor, a school trustee or maybe you are suspicious of your child’s teacher. Any information that tells you more about a person is public information. You can search for public information at the county building in your city. Many counties around the United States have these records available to their residents.

If you are looking for a person’s records, a place to start is at the Texas Department of Public Safety. Here you will be able to look up a person’s history and perform a criminal record search. This is a very good place to start as you have access to a large amount of information that will give you a detailed history on a person.

The most convenient way to get warrant records is to use an online website. There are many reputable websites that have a searchable database that will allow you to access a person’s warrant records. While some sites do charge a small fee, it is still a much cheaper alternative than contacting the courthouse.

In many cases, the person you are searching for is living in another state. If this is the case, you will have to contact that state’s courthouse. In order to perform this search you will need to provide the persons name and current address. The search may also require you to provide certain personal information.