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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1415)DeWitt County Police Departments
Cuero Police Department201 East Main StreetCueroTX77954361-275-3552
DeWitt County Police Departments
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 3 District A Sergeant 0 Area 7208 East Live Oak StreetCueroTX77954361-275-6154
Yoakum Police Department900 Irvine StreetYoakumTX77995361-293-5234
Yorktown Police Department102 West Main StreetYorktownTX78164361-564-2611
Yorktown Police Department311 East Main StreetYorktownTX78164361-564-2611
DeWitt County Sheriff Department
De Witt County Sheriffs Office / De Witt County Jail208 East Live Oak StreetCueroTX77954361-275-5734
DeWitt County Probation Department
Dewitt County Probation Department310 Dunn StreetCueroTX77954361-275-5162
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How You Can Search For People With Their Warrant Records

Warrant Records in DeWitt County Texas are considered public information. Any person can request copies of these records and they will be provided for free by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety. These records show when a person has been arrested and what the charges are. If you are looking to hire a new employee at your company, or just want to know if someone you currently employ has a criminal record, you can find out through this simple process. This article will give you the basic information you need to know about warrant records in DeWitt County.

These records will show any warrants for your arrest, as well as any criminal record that is associated with the person. They are not considered public information, however, unless you have permission from the person that you are searching for. This can be difficult if the person you are requesting the record from has requested it under a deceptive title such as ” Wanted – Dead Or Alive”. If you cannot locate this title, it is best to ask for alternative means. Warrant records are available for any person that has had a traffic violation or DUI, but this is the most common use for these records.

A warrant can be issued for a variety of reasons. Most often, they are issued when a person is involved in a crime such as robbery or murder. When there is suspicion that a person is committing a crime, authorities will issue a warrant for their arrest. You may never need to see these records, but they are required to be filed with the court system upon arrest for the person. These documents are filed with the clerk of court in the county the person was arrested.

Warrant records are only one part of the comprehensive criminal background search you should do on any potential applicant. You also need to look at any reports filed with the court, including arrests and criminal convictions. You need to check to make sure there are no reports of child abuse, false arrests or other similar charges. This can all be done through a complete background search online. It is easy to obtain the person’s driving records, warrant issued documents, sex offenses, if any, as well as any bankruptcy filings.

Warrant records are public record information. Therefore, anyone can obtain a copy of them. However, there are privacy concerns when it comes to looking up someone’s records. Because of this, you will not find the records listed in your local phone book. Instead, you will need to visit your local county courthouse or state police office to get access to the records you are searching for.

If you have time, you can hire a private investigator to gather the information you are looking for. However, most people do not have this kind of money. Instead, you can search online for these records. There are many different record search websites that allow you to perform a nationwide search. It is important to keep in mind that not all records are available. Some record searches may cost a few dollars, while others are completely free.