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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1412)Dallam County Police Departments
Dalhart Police Department202 Rock Island AvenueDalhartTX79022806-244-5544
Dallam County Police Departments
Texline City Marshals Office517 South 2nd StreetTexlineTX79087806-362-4849
Dallam County Sheriff Departments
Dallam County Sheriff And Jail501 Denver AvenueDalhartTX79022806-244-2313
Dallam County Sheriff's Office501 Denver AvenueDalhartTX79022806-244-2313
Dallam County Probation Departments
Dallam County Adult Probation412 Denver AvenueDalhartTX79022806-244-5270
Sherman County Probation DepartmentPO Box 9375DalhartTX79022806-244-5270
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How to Check For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most important public records in the entire state. These records show any and all activities that have been conducted by police officers without their consent. You may be asking, “What does a Warrant Records Search entail?” Warrant Records search involves searching for any and all warrants that were issued within the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Warrant Records can be searched through various public record sources within the county or state that they pertain to.

Generally, warrants can be issued for many reasons such as catching a criminal, catching a witness for murder, catching a sexual offender, catching a suspect for drug related offenses, catching a person forgery, and many other criminal acts. When these warrants are issued, the law enforcement agencies have to maintain these records in complete and accurate information about each person that has been arrested for a warrant. This helps the agencies in the future when they are apprehending an individual and further protects them from any further lawsuits that could arise from the conduct of their investigations. A copy of the warrant will then be forwarded to the courts for approval to be served personally or by mail. Warrant Records in Dallam County Texas will be found on the courthouse’s website for your convenience.

If a person is arrested for a warrant, it does not mean that they are officially charged with a crime. However, their arrest records are used by the Texas Department of Public Safety to aid them in future investigations. Per state law, these warrants can only be held on someone if probable cause exists to believe that the person has committed a crime in the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Probable cause refers to evidence that a person committed a certain act within the jurisdiction of Texas. Once the warrant is established, it remains active until it is canceled or expires.

Warrant Records in Dallam County contain the following information: a person’s name, current address, the person’s date of birth, Social Security number, pending court cases, employment history, financial records, court reporting dates, and much more. Texas only holds one copy of the warrant, which must be surrendered to a law enforcement agency when a person is arrested for a warrant. Warrant Records in Dallam County are confidential, so employers cannot obtain this information. However, it is possible to look up a person’s warrant status online at one of several approved web sites.

To perform an arrest warrant search in Dallam County, you must first have a valid reason to do so. You may be searching for more information on an individual who is acting suspiciously or who has evaded police suspicion but you do not have enough information to arrest that person yet. If you need immediate information about an individual, you are advised to contact the Denton Detective Bureau.

In addition to looking up a person’s warrant status, you can also check to see if someone is on the National Sex Offender Registry. To check to see if a person you know has been convicted of a sex offense in another state, you will need their Social Security number, driver’s license number, or a name and birth date to access Denton records online. By using your state’s database, you can find out whether your child has been married multiple times and if the person you are searching for has a criminal record in another county.