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(1180)Cochran County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cochran County Probation Department100 North Main StreetMortonTX79346806-266-5411
Cochran County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cochran County Sheriffs Office100 North Main StreetMortonTX79346806-266-5211
Cochran County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Cochran County Child Support Warrants
Cochran County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Cochran County Sex Offender Registry
Cochran County Sheriff Website

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Warrant Records in Cochran County, Texas are the first place anyone looks when they need to locate and obtain criminal records or search for public records. A person can find many different kinds of records including arrest records, conviction records, sexual offender records, and a host of others using this Texas public record information source. These records can be useful in many circumstances, including employment and rental history, public safety concerns, and the like. Performing a background check on a potential applicant is one example of when you would need to retrieve a person’s warrant records. Another instance is an employer doing a background check before hiring someone.

The state of Texas is a big place, and finding all kinds of public information is not always simple or straightforward. If you want to know if there is a warrant out for your arrest, the best way to do it is to contact your local law enforcement agency. However, some states allow you to access their databases for free through their website or through other ways. In addition, if you want to conduct your own investigation, most courthouses and police stations keep arrest records on file for you.

The process of retrieving a warrant depends on whether you are trying to look up a person’s criminal arrest record, or simply trying to locate the person’s name with their address. With a criminal arrest warrant, you are able to physically go to the courthouse or police station where the warrant was granted, in order to see if your target is in custody. If you are looking up a person’s address, then you can either use a public records database such as the one at the county courthouse (free), or conduct your search using various online public records databases (many of which are supported by a small nominal fee).

Many warrant records are kept in micro-flora on person’s fingers, or in the arrest files of persons arrested for various crimes. In addition, court documents, utility bills, bank and tax records and various other similar information can also be obtained from police and court records websites. Some sites even offer a free basic search feature, so you can find out more about a person before actually hiring them. These sites tend to work better for people who are trying to obtain more detailed information about someone.

Before you can perform a search on a specific person, you first need to get some basic information on that person. This information could include their full name and any previous addresses (for instance, current and previous addresses, past and possible future addresses). If possible, try to find out employment records, work history and criminal activity records. You may also want to find out some more personal information about the person, such as date of birth, gender and parent’s names. If all else fails, try to conduct a public records check online.

When performing your search, always use caution. You don’t really want to end up giving the wrong person information, or worse, helping to convict them of a crime they did not commit. You should only use warrant records as a last resort. They should not be used in an investigative way at all. If you have any questions about whether or not someone you want to investigate has a criminal record, it would be best to consult with a professional investigator to find out.