Cass County Texas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1174)Cass County Police Departments
Atlanta Police Department310 North Louise StreetAtlantaTX75551903-796-7973
Cass County Police Departments
Avinger Police Department6 North Main StreetAvingerTX75630903-562-1311
Bloomburg Police Department121 Main StreetBloomburgTX75556903-728-5323
Domino Police Department14555 Farm to Market 3129QueenTX75572903-796-2843
Hughes Springs Independent School District Police Department871 Taylor StreetHughes SpringsTX75656903-639-3800
Hughes Springs Police Department603 East 1stHughes SpringsTX75656903-639-2621
Linden Police Department102 North Taylor StreetLindenTX75563903-756-5544
Mcleod Independent School District Police Department19395 Farm to Market 125BivinsTX75555903-796-7181
Ore City Volunteer Fire Department102 South Taylor StreetLindenTX75563903-968-2511
Queen City Police Department210 Houston StreetQueenTX75572903-796-7986
Queen City Police Department601 Texas 236 LoopQueenTX75572903-796-7986
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 1 District B Sergeant 0 Area 11101 North Pinecrest DriveAtlantaTX75551903-799-6981
Cass County Sheriff Departments
Cass County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 180LindenTX75563903-756-7511
Cass County Sheriffs Office / Cass County Jail600 Texas 8LindenTX75563903-756-7511
Cass County Probation Department
Cass County Juvenile Probation700 West Houston StreetLindenTX75563903-756-7551
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Warrant Records Are An Essential Part of Searching For Background Information

Warrant Records in Cass County Texas are considered public information. Therefore, they are available for free to the general public. In fact, any person can obtain this information. Warrant Records in Texas have been placed in an online file repository for people who are interested in reviewing and/or searching for this kind of records.

In Texas, a person can be arrested for any number of reasons. However, most arrests are related to criminal activities. Warrant records can show a person’s entire arrest history, which includes information about prior charges and any arrest made while on bail, as well as the person’s identity (who they were arrested by).

To search and obtain these records, one must search for the Texas Vital Statistics Office (TPSO). This office maintains the electronic database of all warrants that have been filed in the state of Texas. For a fee, people can search this database and see if they come across any information about the person they are searching for. If there is an arrest warrant, you will see it in the results. In addition, you can also see other kinds of warrants (federally authorized), such as subpoenas duces tecum.

If you are looking for more information about a person that you already know has been arrested, you can perform a search using their name. You can do a search based on the person’s first and last names, or based on their middle names or maiden names. Using the middle name alone will give you more information, as the name itself may give some clues about the person’s identity. The use of maiden names, however, will give you very little information. The information that you will receive is not complete, as many other details may not be in the record. In general, the TPSO will allow you to search for the person for free and provide you with limited information.

Warrant records can also show the existence of an outstanding warrant for a person. If a person has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest, the TPO will show this in the results. The most common reasons for warrants to be issued are property crimes, drug offenses, violent offenses, sex offenses and first degree murder. In order to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest, contact your local courthouse and request a copy of the record.

Warrant records are a very important part of what you should expect when you are conducting a background check on someone. When you are searching for background information on a person, a warrant can often be one of the most important pieces of information that you can obtain. If you are looking to hire a new employee to work in your home, or to rent a house, or even to let your teenager travel, a search of a person’s records can often reveal many things about that person. In addition, when you are searching for background information on another person, it can often help you to learn that person’s warrant status.