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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1031)Austin County Police Departments
Bellville Police Department20 South Harris StreetBellvilleTX77418979-865-3122
Austin County Police Departments
San Felipe Police Department927 6th StreetSan FelipeTX77473979-885-2888
Sealy Independent School District Police - Sealy High School2372 Championship DriveSealyTX77474979-885-3515
Sealy Independent School District Police- Sealy Junior High939 Tiger LaneSealyTX77474979-885-3292
Sealy Police Department1320 Rexville RoadSealyTX77474979-885-2913
Sealy Police Department201 2nd StreetSealyTX77474979-885-3330
Wallis Police Department6810 Guyler StreetWallisTX77485979-478-7111
Austin County Sheriff Department
Austin County Sheriffs Office / Austin County Jail417 North Chesley StreetBellvilleTX77418979-865-3111
Austin County Probation Department
Austin County Probation Department1 West Main StreetBellvilleTX77418979-865-5911
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Conducting a Criminal Records Search on Someone

If you are running a criminal background check, one of the things you may want to search is all warrant records in Austin County Texas. This is the county where all criminal activity takes place and includes all arrests made by the police department as well as those by other law enforcement agencies. The information you will be provided with includes the person’s name, aliases, warrant issued, crime committed, date of arrest, case disposition, charges filed, criminal defense attorney hired, and more. Per state law, it is a felony to knowingly misrepresent any material fact, thereby causing or likely to cause damage or loss, to any property of any other person. It is also a violation of Article 13 of the Texas penal code if a public servant or employee, while performing a public service, knowingly performs any act intended to conceal or misappropriate any information.

It is important to have access to these records in order to perform a thorough background check on a possible applicant. If you are an employer, you can perform a background check before hiring someone. In addition, if you are looking for child care providers, you will want to make sure the person will not be able to get a concealed weapon. There are many other uses for warrant records. If you are hiring a nanny, a house sitter or handyman, or any other person in need of reliable information, these records are a great way to check out the potential candidates.

You may also be interested in these records to perform a free criminal background check. Austin is a large city with a large number of residents. Therefore, it is likely that you will find a number of people with a criminal past living in your area. By performing a search, you can obtain the personal details of these people. You can learn the names, address, dates of births and other important information about people who may present a threat to you or your family.

Warrant records can help you investigate the conduct of any business partner or employee. A trusted company can lose a lot of money by letting in an employee with a criminal past. It can also save a business from employing a person with violent criminal activity in their background. Performing a background check is a smart move when hiring someone to work around your home.

In addition, if you have children at home, you can use the services of a babysitter to ensure their safety. However, before you hire a babysitter, you should obtain the criminal activity information of the potential nanny. Doing this is especially important if you are considering taking a chance on a sitter who has been in jail or even convicted of a crime. The same goes for teachers or coaches that are in need of child care. Without checking a person’s records, you could end up hiring someone who was once in jail or is currently in jail.

Many employers use warrant records as part of their background checks. Before you make a final decision on a new employee, you should conduct a thorough search of their criminal records to ensure they will not be a risk to your company and your employees. The most popular way to do this is to visit the court house where the person was arrested or served their time. However, if this method does not work, you can conduct a search online to find out more about their past. The peace of mind you’ll receive from knowing you’ve done your research and gotten the information you need can’t be replaced.