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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1565)Sevier County Police Departments
4th Judicial District Drug Task Force - Sevierville109 ParkwaySeviervilleTN37862865-428-3765
Sevier County Police Departments
Sevierville Police Department300 Gary R Wade BoulevardSeviervilleTN37862865-453-5506
Gatlinburg Police Department1230 East ParkwayGatlinburgTN37738865-436-5181
Pigeon Forge Police Department225 Pine Mountain RoadPigeon ForgeTN37863865-453-9063
Pigeon Forge Police Department3225 Rena StreetPigeon ForgeTN37863865-453-9063
Pittman Center Police Department2839 Webb Creek RoadSeviervilleTN37876865-436-5499
Sevier County Sheriff Department
Sevier County Sheriffs Department106 West Bruce StreetSeviervilleTN37862865-453-4668
Sevier County Probation Department
Sevier County Probation Department221 Prince StreetSeviervilleTN37862865-429-0274
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What Is a Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Sevier County, Tennessee fall under the purview of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The TBI is also responsible for investigating all federal crimes committed in the state of Tennessee and collecting all other data pertinent to crimes that are committed in the state. The office of the Tennessee Attorney General maintains a master electronic database, known as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is accessible to people who request it through an Internet or legal assistance. Access to this database is limited to law enforcement officials and licensed criminal justice professionals. Anyone who wants to search for the personal details of a person with a criminal history can either visit the Nashville Criminal Court Clerk’s Office or call the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office to make a formal request.

Warrant records are one of the most widely used legal resources for research on any given person. A lot of people conduct public record searches to find out about their lineage, to know if their babysitter has a criminal background, or to check up on new neighbours. In the case of business and financial matters, many people hire private investigators to conduct researches into companies that they are considering entering into business partnerships with. These investigators make use of various types of warrant records to come up with their reports. Warrant records are also used by bail bond agencies to determine if a person is free of all charges pending trial, and also by attorneys in the case of a person’s preliminary arrest.

Warrant records are basically comprised of information about a person who has been arrested for a criminal offense. By obtaining this information, law enforcement officials can learn the person’s identity, where he is believed to be residing, and what crime he is accused of committing. Performing a criminal check requires a formal arrest warrant from the Magistrates’ Court, and this can only be issued if the crime being investigated has been solved. Therefore, it is usually issued immediately after the person’s arrest.

Warrant records contain a lot of personal information about a person. For instance, these records will show whether the person was tried and convicted of a crime, and will show other court records as well. If you are having doubts about your neighbour, or his kids, and suspect that they may have criminal activity going on, you can perform a search of their background using a criminal record search engine like Google. This way, you can see if there are any public records that reflect any criminal activity on the person’s past.

If a person’s warrant is outstanding, or expired, then the police are allowed to conduct an arrest without the warrant. However, before the police can execute a warrant, they first have to get the authority from the Magistrates’ Court to do so. However, as per the UK laws, they are only allowed to do this within three days of getting a warrant. A warrant is only effective if the Magistrates’ Court has ordered it. In such situations, the police are only able to take the person into custody, either on a minor charge or for higher offenses.

If you are conducting an Internet search, you can access a copy of a persons criminal records, including traffic offenses, as well as warrants. A lot of websites offer free access to these records. However, if you need the more in-depth information, then you should be prepared to pay for it. The information provided by these sites is fairly comprehensive, but they do not have access to all kinds of records.