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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1190)Humphreys County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Humphreys County Sheriffs Department / Humphreys County Jail112 Thompson StreetWaverlyTN37185931-296-6533
Humphreys County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Johnsonville State Park Ranger StationMuseum RoadNew JohnsonvilleTN37134931-535-2789
Mcewen Police Department9586 U.s. 70McEwenTN37101931-582-6211
New Johnsonville Police Department323 Long StreetNew JohnsonvilleTN37134931-535-2700
Waverly Police Department103 East Main StreetWaverlyTN37185931-296-4300
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Criminal Records – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Humphreys County Tennessee are considered to be public information. Any public entity is allowed by law to maintain this data. The data consists of the personal particulars of any person who has been arrested for a criminal offense in any state, whether the person has been convicted or not. This information is also available from various court houses in the USA.

In spite of being available to the general public, it can only be accessed by the person who was the subject of the record, or the law enforcement agencies who has custody of the data. Warrant Records can include arrests which took place in other states as well as in the country one’s own. They also contain information that does not pertain to criminal offenses but rather traffic violations and the associated fines. The information is also used by employers to determine whether or not to hire someone. It can help employers assess the level of a person’s capacity to take personal responsibility for work.

Obtaining warrant records in Humphrey County may not be easy. To start with, one has to approach the appropriate court houses in the county where the offense has occurred. Arrest warrants issued in other states may not be honored in Tennessee if the person is a resident of this state. Warrant Records can only be searched for the state in which they were issued and for which the person has been named as an accused.

Criminal records are also readily available for free but this information is considered as public domain. It can be freely accessed by anybody who knows the person’s name and where the crime took place. You can also get a copy from the local police department in your area, but this copy is not considered as being public domain as well.

If you are a concerned citizen and you want to conduct your own investigation on any person, then you will have to obtain the person’s written permission beforehand. This is often a tricky process as the person concerned may feel very reluctant to give out his written consent or he may simply deny everything. However, there is a procedure to obtaining this written consent and it is very easy to follow. You only need to fill up a simple form that requires you to give your personal details, your intent to search and a few more bits and pieces of information. You should also state whether the information you want is private or not.

A person’s oral consent to search will be more reliable than a person’s written consent as oral consent is much more likely to be remembered by the person in question. The whole procedure is quite easy and very few people falter in their interviews and sign the forms. When all the necessary requirements are met, then you can get the person’s records within a few hours time. Warrant records are readily available online and most of the sites allow you to search for the person’s name and also the crime committed. There is also a good collection of records for you to browse through. The results come in pretty quickly and you will be able to find the person who has been accused of a crime.