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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(964)Campbell County Police Departments
Cove Lake State Park Ranger Station110 Cove Lake LaneCaryvilleTN37714423-566-9701
Campbell County Police Departments
Cumberland Trail State Park Ranger Station220 Park RoadCaryvilleTN37714423-566-2229
Indian Mountain State Park Ranger Station143 Indian Mount State Park CircleJellicoTN37762423-784-7958
Jacksboro Police Department585 Main StreetJacksboroTN37757423-562-9312
Jellico Police Department410 South Main StreetJellicoTN37762423-784-8650
La Follette Police Department215 South Tennessee AvenueLa FolletteTN37766423-562-8331
Norris Dam State Park Ranger Station125 Village Green CircleRocky TopTN37769865-426-7461
Campbell County Sheriff Departments
Campbell County Sheriff610 Main StreetJacksboroTN37757423-562-7446
Campbell County Sheriffs Department / Campbell County Jail600 Main StreetJacksboroTN37757423-562-7446
Campbell County Probation Department
Campbell County Probation Department140 Indian Mound CircleJacksboroTN37757423-566-8698
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What You Need to Know About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Campbell County, Tennessee are important documents that shed light on a person’s history. These records provide the police with enough information to determine if a person has been involved in any criminal activity and if so, what crime they were involved in and where the crime took place. These records are also useful to employers, landlords and schools. This is because they allow you to keep an eye on your tenants, find out if your employees are being honest with you, check out the backgrounds of people you consider hiring and most importantly; you can use these records to protect yourself from any form of legal liability. If there is a need to arrest a person or have them arrested, having a record in their name will help you get the evidence you need.

When you are performing an investigative search of any sort on a person, it is extremely important that you protect yourself by learning as much about the subject as possible. Warrant records help you learn this vital information. They show all felony and misdemeanor charges that a person may have faced and when they were issued the warrant. It shows other arrests that person may have made and details the criminal activity that they were accused of. In addition, it includes traffic offenses that the person may have been accused of.

By performing a search of a person’s warrant record, you can determine if they have been involved in any criminal activity in the past. Additionally, you will learn the crime that they were charged with and any other violations that were associated with it. This can be crucial if you are hiring someone to work for you or looking to rent your house. Furthermore, it can keep you informed on the people that your children are in school with. Finally, it can let you know if you are dating someone who has a criminal record.

A warrant is a legal document that states that a person has been arrested for a crime and that they have been ordered to stand trial. If they fail to appear at their trial date, then the warrant will be carried out. At this point, it is considered a legal issue, which means that the person has to go before a judge and prove their inability to appear.

To find out whether a person has a warrant or not, you need to access the local courthouse. The records will contain all of the information that you need to determine whether they have one. If they do, you will be able to find out the specific court where the warrant was issued, as well as the crime that the person was accused of committing. Some warrants may have multiple charges. You will also be able to see if they were caught by a law enforcement agency during any investigation.

Warrant records are an important piece of information to keep track of when you are using or dealing with a person. If you are wondering about a person’s history, then you should perform a search. It is a simple process and does not take long to complete. It can prevent you from hiring the wrong person or having criminal activity uncovered.