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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1212)Lawrence County Police Departments
Black Hills State University Police1200 University StreetSpearfishSD57799
Lawrence County Police Departments
Deadwood Police Department100 Sherman StreetDeadwoodSD57732605-578-2623
Lead Police Department801 West Main StreetLeadSD57754605-584-1615
South Dakota Commission On Gaming Law Enforcement696 Main StreetDeadwoodSD57732605-578-3074
Spearfish Police Department625 North 5th StreetSpearfishSD57783605-642-1300
Whitewood Police Department912 Garfield StreetWhitewoodSD57793605-269-2550
Whitewood Police Department1102 Custer StreetWhitewoodSD57793605-269-2550
Lawrence County Sheriff Department
Lawrence County Sheriffs Office / Lawrence County Jail80 Sherman StreetDeadwoodSD57732605-578-2230
Lawrence County Probation Departments
Lawrence County Probation DepartmentPO Box 494DeadwoodSD57732605-578-2043
Butte County Probation Department78 Sherman StreetDeadwoodSD57732605-578-2043
Meade County Probation Department78 Sherman StreetDeadwoodSD57732605-578-2043
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Reasons to Check For Worthy Warrant Records

Warrant records are the documents which contain all the information about a person who was arrested, is on trial or is about to be arrested and put behind bars. The name of the person or the crime for which the person is being arrested is mentioned in this document. This information is also used by law enforcement agencies as it is an important part of their investigations.

This means that if you are an employer or a landlord and you want to check up on your potential tenant or an employee then you can easily get a copy of the warrant. It can be obtained from the local police authorities or from the county office. A warrant is an order from a court which states that a person who is wanted for an arrest has failed to appear in court. The failure does not mean that the person has actually been found guilty. Instead it simply means that they are not admissible as a witness in any proceedings that are related to the case.

You can also use the police records to know about the criminal history of a particular person. However, you need to be very careful as not all warrants issued by courts are actually checked. This is because in most cases there is no evidence of an actual crime committed by the person named on the warrant. If you do find out that there is a warrant issued against a person, then of course you should stop by the police station where it is being done and make your intentions known to the concerned authority. Do not do anything to spoil your relationship with them.

You can also look into the criminal background of a person through these records. This is usually done through county courthouse where all criminal activities are documented. Once you know about a person’s criminal history you are well aware of what kind of person he or she is. Of course, you also need to be cautious about not doing something which would jeopardize your relationship with that person. For instance, you should never inform someone you just met of any impending marriage unless you are both ready to tie the knot.

Warrant records can also help you understand why there is a warrant out for the arrest of a certain person. Most of the time when there is a warrant for an individual’s arrest, there is usually some suspicion that he may have committed some offense. This is called probable cause. If the police feel there is enough evidence to proceed with the arrest, then they make an arrest without getting a warrant. In other words, without getting a warrant, they can arrest you and then search for any proof of the criminal offense committed by you.

When you are doing something that is legal and you suspect that you might have done something illegal, you should always try to find out more about the criminal history of the person involved. If you want to protect yourself from any unwanted situation, then you should be extra careful about the people around you and the things that you do. Warrant records can also help you track down those people who are trying to avoid their public arrest warrants. It is very important for you to stay on top of your criminal history because this will help you prevent any problems from happening in the future.