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(1068)Codington County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Codington County Sheriffs Office / Codington County Jail14 1st Avenue SoutheastWatertownSD57201605-882-6280
Codington County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Watertown Police Department119 South MapleWatertownSD57201605-882-6210
Watertown Police Department128 North MapleWatertownSD57201605-882-6210
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Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public information and are basically a court order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to do any of the listed acts. Warrant Records contain the information on persons accused or charged of crime or crimes, their affixation as accused, names and birthdates of witnesses, and other information as deemed relevant by the courts. The warrant records keep a track of all police arrests, criminal convictions, sentences, and all other court documents pertaining to these matters. The record of a person can be searched through at the convenience of the public through warrants and criminal records. This is a part of the Right to Information Act.

All public information is supposed to be free but with the existence of warrants, this is no longer the case. You can request for information about public information like warrants through the courts. However, this information is not available in your local municipal library. Warrant Records in Codington County South Dakota can be requested from the Criminal Records office of the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office or from any private or public information provider.

Warrant Records in Codington County contain public information and can be obtained from the public without any difficulty. The only challenge in retrieving public information from the public is the time factor. Public information is supposed to be updated on a regular basis in order to make the process of retrieving the records easier. If you want to get the information at any particular point of time, you will have to visit the respective county offices and wait for the records.

Warrant records also include the list of people accused of various crimes. All warrants are public information and you can access this record anytime. However, there are certain restrictions as to whom you can get the warrant and also how public the record has to be. In some instances, warrants are kept confidential and cannot be accessed by the general public. You will also have to follow specific laws and regulations for you to access public records of warrants in different states.

There are a number of reasons as to why someone may want to carry out a criminal record search. In case there is a threat of a person carrying out fraudulent activities, employers usually conduct background checks to see if the potential employees have any history of crimes. This is also necessary if you are looking to hire professionals such as teachers and lawyers. You can also use the web to do a background check on a potential employee.

If you are under investigation for any legal matter, it is important that you get your warrant records checked to know the status of your case. Public information is available and the fastest way of accessing these records is online. In most cases, there is a minimal charge for conducting public records searches. For warrant checks, however, you may have to consider the possibility of extra charges.