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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1160)Abbeville County Police Departments
Abbeville Police Department102 South Main StreetAbbevilleSC29620864-366-5832
Abbeville County Police Departments
Calhoun Falls Police Department110 West Savannah StreetCalhoun FallsSC29628864-418-8503
Due West Police Department1 Bonner StreetDue WestSC29639864-379-2150
Due West Police Department103 North Main StreetDue WestSC29639864-379-2150
Abbeville County Sheriff Departments
Abbeville County Sheriffs Office21 Old Calhoun Falls RoadAbbevilleSC29620864-446-6000
Henry County Sheriff's Office101 Court SquareAbbevilleSC29620334-585-3131
Abbeville County Probation Departments
Abbeville County Probation Department102 Court SquareAbbevilleSC29620864-366-5323
Henry County Probation Department101 Court SquareAbbevilleSC29620334-585-0896
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How You Can Access Criminal Records and Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Abbeville County South Carolina are public and they are maintained by the Sheriff’s Office. Anyone can request this record either on an individual basis or for a group of people as a whole. There are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to obtain any public arrest records. In most instances, a person has to have been arrested for a crime in order to be able to get this kind of information. If the crime is grave, then one will have to go through more procedures.

Arrest warrants are not just general warrants but they are filed and maintained for very particular reasons. The most common reasons are when a person is suspected of a crime but has not been charged. At times, there are situations when the suspect does not want to be implicated. In this case, the authorities can issue the arrest warrant. This warrant will specify that if the person does not get away from the jurisdiction, then the warrants will be executed.

Warrant Records in Abbeville County have to be obtained from the sheriff’s office because of the privacy considerations involved. This means that only a person the person wants to know about may obtain it. To find out whether the person has a criminal record, one may have to go through the courts. The person should remember that the courts have the sole authority to grant or deny the request.

For those who are interested in getting warrants, they should know that they can go online to find out about the background of a person. This will give them an idea if they should allow the person to do business with them or not. It is advisable that they find out as much as they can about an individual before going into a business relationship. This can be done through the county courthouse or through their local police station. This information will help them to determine if the individual has a criminal record and whether they should grant a warrant for his or her arrest.

When an arrest is made, the details are listed in the local courthouse. These records are then sent to the state police or Federal Bureau of Investigation for further processing. If there are grounds to hold an individual in criminal court, they will be added to the national sex offender’s registry. The warrant will also show the name, address, parole information, and other pertinent data related to the person who has been arrested.

Obtaining a warrant will also show the identity of the person who owns the property that an individual has been arrested on. When this happens, it will allow a lender to conduct a background check on a person. In the United States, the person’s name will always appear on the warrant when it is renewed. The warrant records are updated each year so that the database will be as accurate as possible.