Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1579)Philadelphia County Police Departments
Pennsylvania State Police Troop K - Philadelphia2201 Belmont AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19131215-560-6200
Philadelphia County Police Departments
Philadelphia Housing Authority Police Department3100 Penrose Ferry RoadPhiladelphiaPA19145215-684-4840
Philadelphia Housing Authority Police Dept3111 South 23rd StreetPhiladelphiaPA19145
Philadelphia Police - Center City District660 Chestnut StreetPhiladelphiaPA19106215-440-5551
Philadelphia Police - Eighteenth District5510 Pine StreetPhiladelphiaPA19143215-686-3180
Philadelphia Police - Eighth District3100 Red Lion RoadPhiladelphiaPA19114215-686-3080
Philadelphia Police - Fifth District6630 Ridge AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19128215-686-3050
Philadelphia Police - Fifthteenth District2831 Levick StreetPhiladelphiaPA19149215-686-3150
Philadelphia Police - First District2301 South 24th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19145215-686-3010
Philadelphia Police - Fourteenth District43 West Haines StreetPhiladelphiaPA19144215-686-3140
Philadelphia Police - Fourth District1300 South 11th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19147215-686-3040
Philadelphia Police - Nineteenth District6059 Haverford AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19151215-686-3190
Philadelphia Police - Ninety Second District3701 Lincoln DrivePhiladelphiaPA19129215-686-7292
Philadelphia Police - Ninth District401 North 21st StreetPhiladelphiaPA19130215-686-3090
Philadelphia Police - Second District2831 Levick StreetPhiladelphiaPA19149215-686-3020
Philadelphia Police - Seventeenth District1201 South 20th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19146215-686-3170
Philadelphia Police - Seventh District1701 Bowler StreetPhiladelphiaPA19115215-686-3070
Philadelphia Police - Sixteenth District3900 Lancaster AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19104215-686-3160
Philadelphia Police - Sixth District235 North 11th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19107215-686-3060
Philadelphia Police - South Street Detail905 South StreetPhiladelphiaPA19147215-922-6706
Philadelphia Police - Third District1300 South 11th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19147215-686-3030
Philadelphia Police - Thirty Fifth District5960 North Broad StreetPhiladelphiaPA19141215-686-3350
Philadelphia Police - Thirty Ninth District2201 West Hunting Park AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19140215-686-3390
Philadelphia Police - Twelfth District6438 Woodland AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19142215-686-3120
Philadelphia Police - Twenty Fifth District3901 Whitaker AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19124215-686-3250
Philadelphia Police - Twenty Fourth District3901 Whitaker AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19124215-686-3240
Philadelphia Police - Twenty Second District1747 North 17th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19121215-686-3220
Philadelphia Police - Twenty Sixth District615 East Girard AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19125215-686-3260
Philadelphia Police - Twenty Third District1747 North 17th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19121215-686-3230
Philadelphia Police Department8501 State RoadPhiladelphiaPA19136
School District Of Philadelphia Police440 North Broad StreetPhiladelphiaPA19130
Capitol Police110 North 8th StreetPhiladelphiaPA19106215-560-2884
Capitol Police801 Market StreetPhiladelphiaPA19107215-560-2884
Septa Transit Police1234 Market StreetPhiladelphiaPA19107
Temple University Campus Police Dept1101 West Montgomery AvenuePhiladelphiaPA19122
Philadelphia County Sheriff Departments
Philadelphia County Sheriff's Office100 South Broad StreetPhiladelphiaPA19110215-686-3530
Philadelphia Sheriff's Office100 South Broad StreetPhiladelphiaPA19110
Philadelphia County DEA Office
Philadelphia Pennsylvania DEA Office600 Arch StreetPhiladelphiaPA19106215-597-9540
Philadelphia County FBI Office
Philadelphia Pennsylvania FBI Office600 Arch StreetPhiladelphiaPA19106215-418-4000
Philadelphia County Probation Department
Philadelphia County Probation Department1801 Vine StreetPhiladelphiaPA19103215-686-4103
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The Basics About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania are maintained by the Chester County Police. Each year, there are thousands of arrests made in Chester County. These arrest records are then compiled into a system that is known as the National Intracoastal Registry. This registry is used for a number of reasons. Here is how you can access arrest records through the county police.

The first place you can look up information on an arrest is the Police Station. Most of these stations will keep arrest records on their website. If the person arrested hasn’t been convicted of a crime, this information is considered public record. However, if the person has been convicted of a crime, the records will not be available. You will have to go to the courthouse to get this information.

Another option you have is the website of the Pennsylvania State Bureau of Investigation. This website will give you a lot of useful information regarding a person’s history. However, it will not show you records regarding an arrest.

A warrant search will only reveal arrest warrant records. It will not show you records pertaining to a person’s court records or anything else. This is why it is good to use a professional online service to do your investigation.

You will need to provide the company with information about the person you are searching for. Name, address, and social security number should be sufficient. Once you have this information, you simply have to submit your information and wait for the system to search. Depending on the type of search you are doing, the search will usually only take a few minutes. You will get all the information that you are looking for.

It is important to note that not all warrants are carried out. There are instances where warrants are carried out without any criminal act having taken place. These warrants may be related to traffic violations or unpaid debts. If you want to find out if you are legally protected, then you will need to look online for warrants records. This is the best way to obtain information about someone.

You will also have to think about why you want to learn more about a person. You may just want to know who they are, or why they were in the spotlight. In the case of a sex offender, you will have the opportunity to see their photo. This will give you an idea of what kind of person this person is. You will most likely want to hire a professional with experience in this area before proceeding.

Warrant records are available to anyone with access to the Internet. The best way to access this information is to go online and do a search. There are various websites that will allow you to search through the various records that are available. If you have more information, then you can take it into court and use it against the person who is accused of the warrant. This can help you obtain the information that you want.

It is always better to catch a person early before they do things that you don’t want them to do. This is especially true if you have reason to believe that they may be dangerous. If you are suspicious of a neighbor then you can conduct a search to find out if they have a warrant out for their arrest. If they do have a warrant, you should try to get them taken care of immediately. If you have more information than what is presented here then you can hire a private investigator to find out what the rest of the story is.