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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1470)Huntingdon County Police Departments
Huntingdon Borough Police Department530 Washington StreetHuntingdonPA16652814-643-3960
Huntingdon County Police Departments
Pennsylvania State Police Troop G - Huntingdon10637 Raystown RoadHuntingdonPA16652814-627-3161
Juniata Valley Regional Police316 King StreetPetersburgPA16669814-669-9252
Mount Union Police Department16 South Division StreetMount UnionPA17066814-542-8822
The Mount Union Borough Police Department9 West Market StreetMount UnionPA17066814-542-8822
Huntingdon County Sheriff Department
Huntingdon County Sheriffs Office241 Mifflin StreetHuntingdonPA16652814-643-0880
Huntingdon County Probation Department
Huntingdon County Probation Department430 Penn StreetHuntingdonPA16652814-643-1177
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Criminal Background Checks Using Warrant Records

Warrant records are part of the public domain and can be searched through the county clerk of any area in the state. This type of record is usually used for the purposes of identification and public safety. It is the public’s right to find and identify the names of all offenders, convicts, registered sex offenders, drug offenders, and other people wanted on warrants. Warrant records can also be used to check out the background of people with driving violations and liens against property. In this case, one has to use the service of a licensed private investigator or an agency that provides such services.

There are cases when people want to conduct background checks on people who have applied for jobs, bought homes, applied for college, and even for loans. Some of these people might have criminal records. Warrant records give a detailed description of the criminal activity involved and also provide information about the person who was arrested. This can save the employer from hiring a dangerous criminal, avoid costly litigation over a larceny conviction, and protect the person being accused of domestic violence. In many instances, a person with a criminal past will not be trustworthy enough to possess a firearms license.

People want to search for and obtain the criminal records of a person who has committed a crime but did not commit it in their presence. An employer needs to know whether the person applying for a position with his company had any previous arrests and convictions. The same holds true for landlords and tenants. This is also necessary to screen out people with previous records of drug abuse. A person who has applied for a mortgage or a car loan should also be able to supply a clear picture of his financial history to the lender. One can use the records to ensure that the applicant is who he says he is.

Another major use for warrant records is when a person wants to buy, rent, or sell a house. The lender will perform a search to make sure that the person is not a burglar or a liar. He can determine this using a record of a person’s arrest and whether or not he or she had a warrant out for his arrest. In the case of fraud, a property owner may deny a loan or lease to someone who has been convicted of stealing.

By performing a search of a person’s criminal records, you can gain access to an otherwise difficult to obtain background information. Criminal records include sex offenses, jail time, prison, jail records, and more. Because each jurisdiction handles these records differently, it is very important to obtain records from every record agency in your state. You can conduct a nationwide search to see if there are any records on file about a specific person.

In the event that you are being denied a job, rental, or other application because of some information on your warrant records, then you may have to fight for the information with the proper authorities. An experienced attorney with experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you fight for the records you need. A search engine like Google can provide you with information by using a person’s name as a keyword. If there are no results for that name, then you should submit the person’s full name and change the keyword to something less competitive. In many cases, a person’s criminal record will be sealed after it is cleared. In these cases, you might still be able to find out the nature of the warrant.